Rahul Gandhi / Why did Rahul Gandhi, who surrounded the Centre, praise the Modi government? understand in 5 points

Zoom News : Jun 01, 2023, 05:56 PM
Rahul Gandhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made several statements against the Modi government during his US visit. The central government was surrounded on the new parliament building and the misuse of investigative agencies. But in the US tour, he praised the stand of the Modi government regarding Russia. Rahul Gandhi said, Russia attacked Ukraine. Western countries opposed Russia but India's attitude was not like this. We are dependent on Russia in many ways. This is the reason why my stand will also be the same as that of the Government of India.

Understand in 5 points why Rahul Gandhi praised the Government of India?

  1. Congress government and Russian relations: The foreign policy of the Congress government at the center has always had a soft corner for Russia. The foreign policy of the Congress government has been inclined towards Russia. Even during that period, relations between Russia and India have always been cordial. Russia also helped India on many occasions. At the same time, India has been importing goods from Russia for a long time. This is the reason that the relations between the two countries remained better. In the Modi government, relations with Russia have become even better than before. This is the reason why Rahul Gandhi praised the stand of the Modi government.
  2. Non-Aligned Movement Goal: Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) is an international organization of 120 member states. It was started in 1961 by the then Prime Minister of the country Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, former President of Egypt Gamal Abdul, President Tito of Yugoslavia, President of Indonesia Dr. Sukarno did together. The purpose of this organization was that those countries would adopt a fair stand by not being in favor or against any power block country. The Government of India also adopted a similar stand in the case of Russia and Ukraine. Neither did India speak ill of Russia nor did it say anything about Ukraine's sympathy.
  3. Poverty in India did not become like neighboring countries: India imported crude oil from Russia. Sold it in European countries. This gave a boost to the country's economy. Where the condition of neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh worsened. European countries also went through bad conditions, but the situation in India did not deteriorate. The country continued to export. Prevented the opposite situation from happening. This is the reason why India kept moving forward.
  4. Reference to peaceful relations: When there was a Congress government at the center, it was said many times to compromise peacefully in the matter of India-Pakistan. Now when there was a war between Russia and Ukraine, India made its stand clear. The Government of India talked about reaching a settlement through peaceful negotiations. Rahul Gandhi liked this attitude of the country. However, in this matter, Rahul Gandhi also said that India needs to take care of its own interest as well.
  5. Appreciated these plans as well: In March this year, Rahul Gandhi reached Cambridge University in Britain. When he was asked about such policies of the Modi government which is giving relief to the people of Gaya, he replied. He said, I think the Ujjwala scheme of the Government of India, which distributes free cylinders and opening accounts in banks, has been a good initiative.