Russia News / Zaria Plan released after the death of 140 people in Moscow, what is this?

Zoom News : Mar 23, 2024, 08:58 AM
Russia News: 5 gunmen opened fire in a concert hall near Moscow, the capital of Russia, in which at least 140 people have died and 145 people are seriously injured. Hundreds of people are feared to be trapped in the mall right now. Special forces, police and anti-riot teams reached the spot and rescued 100 people trapped in the basement. Shortly after the attack, ISIS took responsibility for it. On the other hand, Ukraine has been claimed to be involved in the Russian attack. Ukraine issued a statement on these allegations saying that they are completely baseless.

Ukraine has also said that making such allegations is a way to defame Ukraine in the international community. America also gave clean cheat to Ukraine on which Russia has retaliated. According to the information, the US Embassy in Russia had expressed fear of a major attack, but Russian President Vladimir Putin had condemned it. This terrorist attack happened 5 days after Russian President Putin became the President for the fifth time. Putin became the President of Russia for the fifth time on March 18. Meanwhile, Russia has released the Zaria Plan in Moscow.

What is Jariya Plan?

Jariya means state of war. Jariya Plan is implemented only in extreme emergency situations. Russia's Home Ministry has asked all police and security forces to report for duty within an hour under the Zaria Plan.

All security personnel have been asked to wear bulletproof vests and carry guns and weapons. Russia has tightened security at airports, transportation hubs and across the capital. All large-scale public events have also been canceled across the country.

The attack was condemned worldwide

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned the terrorist attack late Friday night. In a separate statement, the United Nations Security Council described the attack as heinous and cowardly. French President Emmanuel Macron also condemned the attack. According to media reports, Macron said that France expresses its solidarity with the victims, their loved ones and all the Russian people.