Bihar / 11 people hospitalized for their favorite piece of fish, kicked and kicked at the wedding

Zoom News : Jun 13, 2021, 06:44 AM
In Bihar's Gopalganj, a wedding ceremony was found to be seen. 11 people clashed with the favorite grinding of fish. The controversy grew so that the clash started in which 11 people were badly injured. The case belongs to Gopalganj's area where there was a marriage in Bhatwalia village. On Thursday night, the dispute started on the fish head (mud), the disusion turned into the bloody conflict. Seeing, the assault between the procession and the girl's family started. Eleven people of both sides were injured in those who were admitted to the Bhora Referral Hospital and Gopalganj Sadar Hospital for treatment.

Police have also filed a case in this case. The person named victim Sudama Gond has alleged that his relatives had come to the girl's procession here in which Dhinu Gond had also come to Diamond Gond.

During the meal, he demanded the fish head (mud) and more grinding, which was delayed. Meanwhile, Diamond Gond started feeding the fish with Sudama Gond. Five people, including Ajay Gond, Raja Gond, and Sudama Gond, their son Munna Gond and daughter-in-law, and his son Munna Gond and daughter-in-law Gonda, started hit with a stick.

All the injured were taken to the dawn referral hospital for treatment, from which they were referred to Sadar Hospital. After the incident, five people have been accused in this case.

Let us tell that before the marriage of the poultry in the procession of the poultry in the procession during a marriage during a marriage in Narkatia village of Gopalganj, there was a shot. In this incident, the person named Rajendra Singh was killed.