NEET UG 2024 / 1563 students will have to take the exam again, their score cards will be cancelled, SC refuses to stay counselling

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 13, 2024, 12:28 PM
NEET UG 2024: Today, the second petition regarding NEET was heard in the Supreme Court. In this, the court said that NEET exam should be conducted again for the students with grace marks. It was further said by the NTA that in the meeting held on June 12, some decisions have been taken to remove the fear of the students. There will be a re-examination on June 23 for 1563 students, that is, only the students with 1563 grace marks will have to appear for the exam again. The matter was heard by a bench of Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Sandeep Mehta. The Supreme Court clearly said that only those students will appear in the exam who got grace marks.

The government gave this argument

The central government has told the court that a meeting was held on 10th, 11th and 12th. The committee has recommended that the marks of 1563 candidates will be canceled. The examination will be conducted again only for the affected students. After this, the Supreme Court told the petitioner that NTA has accepted your point. They are removing the grace mark. NTA said that the exam for 1563 candidates will be held on June 23 and the result will come before June 30.

After this, Justice Mehta told NTA that you cannot cancel the results of 1563 candidates. You need to re-formulate the sections. After this, Justice Nath asked NTA when will you start counseling?

Score cards of these candidates will be canceled

NTA again said that the committee is of the view that 1563 candidates will have to re-appear for the NEET exam. All the score cards issued to 1563 candidates will be canceled. The exam will be conducted again. Those who do not appear in this re-examination will have to take the exam without grace marks. However, the Supreme Court and the petitioner disagreed with the NTA's proposal to re-examine 1563 students. The court said that this is contrary to the old decisions of the Supreme Court.

The court then asked NTA how many centers are there where this problem occurred? To this, NTN replied that there are 6 centers where the problem has occurred. The court further said that the exam was held on May 5 and today is June 13. No one has raised any objection yet.

Refused to stop counseling

Then the Supreme Court further said that the date of re-examination will be decided today itself. Re-examination of 1563 students on June 23. Results will come before June 30. At the same time, the Supreme Court refused to stop the counseling. The Supreme Court issued a notice and sought a reply in 2 weeks. On which the hearing will be held on July 8. NTA said that in the third petition, the matter of paper leak is not before the Supreme Court. After this, the Supreme Court got the order written and the court took the NTA's words on record.

The court pronounced its decision

The Supreme Court said in its order that the report has been presented by Kanu Agarwal presented on behalf of the Union of India. As per the recommendations, it has been suggested that the scorecards of the affected 1563 candidates will be canceled and withdrawn. Also, the actual marks without grace marks will be told and the examination will be conducted again for them. Those who do not take the re-examination, their result will be the actual number without grace marks. Naresh Kaushik, appearing on behalf of NTA, said that the re-examination will be notified today and will be held on June 23 and the result will be declared on June 30 so that the counseling to be held from July 6 is not affected.