Taiwan-China / 20 Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan border, President Wen activates missile system

Vikrant Shekhawat : Feb 01, 2023, 06:13 PM
Taiwan vs China: After the Russia-Ukraine war, Israel-Iran war has also started and now the apprehensions of Taiwan-China war have also increased. Just two days ago, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida had expressed the possibility of an attack on Taiwan by China. This prediction of Kishida seems to be coming true within 48 hours. On Tuesday, 20 Chinese fighter jets suddenly entered Taiwan's border. After this there was a stir. During this, China has also deployed its most dangerous warships on the Taiwan border.

This seems to be ringing the war bells between the two countries. Taiwan has activated its missile system to shoot down Chinese fighter jets. Due to this, the tension between the two countries has reached a high level. America is closely monitoring this whole development. The US Army has also come into active mode to respond to China's antics.

By the way, China has landed a total of 34 fighter jets around the border of Taiwan. Along with this, 9 warships have also been deployed. From this, the dangerous plans of Chinese President Xi Jinping can be understood. As soon as he became the President of China for the third time, Xi Jinping had said that he would not hesitate to use military force to merge Taiwan into China. Now Xi Jinping has walked on the same track as per his promise. Taiwan has also launched its fighter jets to respond to China's deployment of 34 military aircraft and 9 warships. Along with this, the Navy has also been alerted.

Taiwan's missile system became active

According to Taiwan's Defense Ministry, 20 Chinese fighter jets crossed the Central Line in the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday. After this he entered the buffer zone. After this, Taiwan's President Sai Ing Wen got his missile system activated to shoot down Chinese fighter jets. Let us tell you that China describes Taiwan as its territory, while most of the people of Taiwan oppose coming under the control of the ruling Communist Party of China. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the Taiwanese armed forces have begun monitoring China's movements to respond to its every move.

Chinese bombers and warships landed with fighter jets

China has landed fighter jets as well as several bombers in Taiwan's airspace. The border of Taiwan has been surrounded by warships of the Chinese Navy. Due to this, the fear of Chinese occupation of Taiwan has increased. China's preparations are showing that it may attack in the next few days to forcibly take possession of Taiwan. Let us tell you that between the visits of the then Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and several leaders of the European Union to Taiwan in recent months, both sides demonstrated military power. Since then the tension has been increasing. In August 2022, the tension between China and Taiwan escalated further when Nannie Pelosi visited Taiwan and China objected to this and conducted maneuvers around Taiwan and also fired missiles. Now China has also warned of strict action against countries having close ties with Taiwan.