Bollywood / 3 people including Shahrukh Khans son Aryan Khan arrested in drugs case had a rave party on the cruise

Zoom News : Oct 03, 2021, 05:29 PM
The NCB team has arrested Aryan Khan, son of actor Shahrukh Khan, in the Drugs Party (Mumbai Drug Case) case on the cruise. NCB team has arrested three people including Aryan. According to the news, Aryan Khan has confessed to taking drugs in front of NCB officials. Medical examination of all the accused including Aryan Khan is now being done. NCB had detained 8 people for having a drug party. Other drugs including charas, MDMA, MD and cocaine were recovered from all the eight accused.

Now the Aryan Medical Inquiry will be conducted for the arrested accused. He has been taken to JJ Hospital in Mumbai for medical examination. After investigation, he will be presented in the fort court. There his police remand can be sought. However, how many days this remand will be, it will be clear only after the production. NCB can seek remand of at least three days from the court for interrogation of the accused. Aryan Khan has been arrested under the Narcotics Act.

NCB confiscated Aryan Khan's mobile

NCB has confiscated Aryan Khan's mobile along with his arrest. The investigation of his chat has started. Earlier, Aryan was questioned by NCB for more than 12 hours. At present, three people including Aryan Khan, Munmun Bhaneja and Arbaaz Merchant are being medically examined. After the court appearance, it will be known whether all the accused including Aryan Khan will be sent to police custody or will be sent to judicial custody.

There was a rave party in the cruise from Mumbai to Goa

Let us tell you that a rave party was going on in a cruise going from Mumbai to Goa. Drugs and DJs were organized in this rave party going on in the cruise named Cordelia the Impress. On Saturday-Sunday night, the Narcotics Control Bureau raided this and started questioning 10 people. After this NCB had taken 8 people into custody. Aryan Khan, son of superstar Shah Rukh Khan, was also among those taken into custody. After a long interrogation, he has now been arrested. Actually NCB was not satisfied with Aryan's answer.