Corona Vaccine / 40 crore indian children will have to wait for the corona vaccine no final talk on price remains intact

Zoom News : Oct 05, 2021, 06:49 AM
Corona Vaccine | Many countries of the world have started vaccinating their children with anti-coronavirus, but the wait for 400 million children of India is increasing. According to government sources, the children's vaccine for Zykov-D has been approved, but due to a dispute over the price, it is not yet available in the market.

Earlier, the Director of ICMR-NIV had claimed to have children's corona vaccine by September, but this could not happen due to lack of consensus on the price. According to sources, the government wants a reduction in the price of the vaccine. Instead of a needle, a jet injector is used to administer the Zycov-D vaccine. It also requires an applicator. The government also wants to reduce the cost of injectors and applicators.

Earlier, Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health) of NITI Aayog had also admitted that the matter is stuck regarding the price of Zydus Cadila vaccine. However, it is believed that now the government wants to move forward by ending the impasse on the cost of Zykov-D vaccine within a week. When asked about this, Chairman, National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NTAGI) Dr. NK Arora said that vaccination of children will be started soon. He said that children already suffering from various diseases and at high risk of infection will be vaccinated.

Trial of multiple vaccines for children:

1-Zydus Cadila's Zykov-D: This vaccine of Ahmedabad-based company has got DCGI approval. Three doses of Zycov-D will be given to children aged 12 to 18 years. Each dose will contain two milligrams of vaccine. In this way a total of six milligrams of vaccine will be applied. This vaccine is the world's first DNA-based vaccine. However, the company will also seek approval to make a two-dose vaccine.

2- Bharat Biotech's Vaccine Covaccine: According to Krishna Ella, director of Bharat Biotech based in Hyderabad, the clinical trial of the Kovaccine vaccine given to children has been completed. The company has submitted the data of the trial to the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI), but approval has not been received yet. It will be given to children aged 2 to 18 years.

3- Novavax's Kovavax: The trial of the third and final phase of this vaccine is going on in Pune. American company Novavax has prepared it, but Pune-based Serum Institute, the world's largest vaccine manufacturer, will produce it. This vaccine will be given to children aged 12 to 18 years.

Other vaccines in the race: Several companies are in the race to make vaccines for children in India. Genova company has made the country's first mRNA based vaccine and has got permission for clinical trial of this vaccine. Similarly, Hyderabad-based Biological E vaccine has also got permission for clinical trial. Talking about the world, many other companies including Pfizer, Moderna are making corona vaccines for children.

Scientists do not agree on vaccination of children: There is no consensus among scientists around the world regarding vaccination of children. There are two reasons for this. The first is that in some research it has been found that the corona vaccine does more harm to children than it benefits. This is the reason why the Joint Committee of Britain recommended not to vaccinate children. The second most reason for not supporting the vaccine in children is that when the effect of corona is negligible on children, then it is unnecessary to vaccinate. However, the second reason is much weaker, because in many countries there have been cases of children getting infected in large numbers.

Vaccination of two-year-old children: Vaccination of children up to two years has started in the world, so American pharmaceutical company Pfizer is also developing vaccine for six-month-old children. Cuba is the first country in the world to start immunizing children under the age of two. Cuba used an indigenously made vaccine. Many other countries are also preparing to vaccinate two-year-olds.