Lifestyle / 5 Vegetables can cause side effects to your body know how much to eat for healthy lifestyle

Zoom News : Jun 08, 2021, 08:51 PM
Lifestyle | In the Corona era, there is one thing that people have paid attention to and that is food and drink. Yes, corona affects those with weak immunity more. In such a situation, people strengthened their immunity by improving their diet so that they could beat the corona. Vegetables and fruits are the most important in a good diet. But there are some vegetables that can do more harm than good if eaten in large quantities. In such a situation, let us know which are such vegetables, whose taking in large quantities can cause strange disturbances in the body.


Vegetables of the cabbage family should be avoided raw. People often eat broccoli and cabbage in salads, but eating them raw can cause gas and indigestion in your stomach. Apart from this, many people also eat cauliflower raw, which can be harmful for health. Actually these vegetables contain a kind of sugar which does not dissolve in the stomach without cooking. To take full advantage of these vegetables, they should be cooked and eaten.


Eggplant can also harm your stomach. Eating brinjal raw can cause vomiting, dizziness or stomach cramps. The solanine found in brinjal can cause symptoms of neurological and gastro-intestinal problems. Therefore, brinjal should always be eaten cooked.

sugar beets

Beetroot is very beneficial in increasing hemoglobin and reducing weight. Some people take it in salads and sandwiches, while many people drink its juice. Many people must have noticed that due to excessive consumption of beetroot, the color of urine starts appearing red or pink. The reason for this is because of the elements found inside the beetroot. But there is no need to panic about it. It's very simple. But you should consume beetroot in limited quantity.


Mushrooms are considered one of the best sources of vitamin D. But some people have skin allergies due to its consumption. However this happens when a person consumes shiitake mushrooms. In such a situation, it is advisable to eat the mushrooms fully cooked.


By the way, carrots are rich in nutrients. But while eating carrots, it is very important to take care of its quantity. If you consume carrots in excess quantity, then your skin color changes to yellow or orange. This is because carrots contain beta-carotene which enters your body in excess. Due to its high quantity, it does not flow in the blood and gets deposited in the skin itself. This color is more visible only on the feet, hands and soles.