Ghari Detergent / A local brand from Kanpur which became popular worldwide due to the hard work of two brothers

Zoom News : Oct 01, 2021, 12:54 PM
Success Story of Ghari Detergent – ​​'First use then believe', these lines remain on the mouth of every child and elder, because it is such a famous tagline and not only this but the brand for which this tag line has been made i.e. watch Detergent, people also like it very much.

Ghari Detergent had landed in the Indian market several decades ago. According to this company, all the people who have used watch detergent, their faith remains in it till now. Let us tell you that watch detergent is not only popular, but the story of its origin and its success in the market is also very interesting. Let us introduce you to its story…

2 brothers from Kanpur started 'Ghari Detergent'

Two brothers, whose names were Murli Babu and Bimal Gyanchandani, together started manufacturing clock detergent in Kanpur. Both of them are residents of Kanpur. The journey of his life started from Shastri Nagar in Kanpur. He first opened his own detergent factory near Fazalganj fire station. Although this factory at Fazalganj was small, but the spirits of both those brothers were very big. Both of them wanted to take this company forward on the strength of their hard work and courage. At that time the detergent factory he opened in the city was named Shree Mahadev Soap Industry, but this factory could not last long.

If someone else was there instead of them, they would have been defeated, but these brothers did not give up and continued to fulfill their goal. Then he intensified the branding of his detergent in Uttar Pradesh. At that time, his brand 'Ghari Detergent' had many rivals in front of it, including big brands like Nirma and Wheel. Under these circumstances it was very difficult for a new brand to get ahead of them. Then Murali Babu and Bimal Gyanchandani brought their brand to the masses in a different way.

This brand became famous due to its special tagline

At that time most detergents were made in yellow or blue color, but they made their own brand of detergent in white color. The specialty of Ghari Detergent was that its quality was good and the price was also low and the most unique was its tagline - 'Use first, then trust', with this tagline this detergent became very popular when it came in the market. Then after making his mark in the market of Uttar Pradesh, he propagated it in other states also.

Now both brothers are the owners of more than 12 thousand crores of properties.

Then Murli Babu and Bimal Gyanchandani also started giving commission to vendors to further enhance their work. Thus in no time watch detergent became a favorite brand among middle class families. Then gradually, almost every household believed in clock detergent and adopted it. In the year 2005, this company changed its name to RSPL and now its name is included in the biggest brands of the whole world.

These two brothers, who once started with a small factory, have become owners of properties worth more than 12 thousand crores at present. Since many years, this brand has been providing good quality detergents to the people at affordable prices, which is the reason why people still love it so much.

It is proved from the success story of Murli Babu and Bimal Gyanchandani that when any work is done with patience and hard work in the right way, then man definitely gets success in it.