Aam Aadmi Party / AAP's allegation on BJP before voting - Haryana stopped Delhi's water...

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 22, 2024, 12:30 PM
Aam Aadmi Party: Before the general election voting in Delhi, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party has made a big allegation. AAP has claimed that Haryana is stopping the water of Delhi to harass the people of Delhi and defame the government before the elections. In this regard, allegations were made one after the other by Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson and Delhi government minister Atishi. According to Atishi, BJP conspired against Arvind Kejriwal, put him in jail, when he got bail from the Supreme Court, brought Swati Maliwal and then raised the issue of funding.

What water level did Atishi claim?

Going further, Atishi said, “Now before the elections, BJP has hatched another conspiracy that the Yamuna water coming to Delhi is being stopped in Haryana so that the people of Delhi can be harassed.” According to Atishi, normally the minimum water level of Yamuna was 674 feet but yesterday it came down to 671 feet. Water Minister in Delhi government and AAP leader Atishi said that BJP knows that people are unhappy with inflation and unemployment in the last 10 years, hence conspiracies are being hatched one after the other.

Water level came down in 2 weeks: Atishi

Atishi said that “5 days after the announcement of elections, CM Kejriwal was arrested but with the blessings of God, he got bail. Tried to make false allegations using Swati Maliwal but that did not work so they brought foreign funding. Now a new conspiracy is being hatched. From May 11 to May 21, the water level is gradually going down. Yesterday on May 21, the water level in Delhi probably reached 671 feet, which is probably the lowest in the history of Delhi.”