Viral News / Actress became a famous actor after surgery, got the role of a woman in this film

Zoom News : Jul 23, 2021, 05:58 PM
Actor Tommy Dorifman, popular with Netflix's superhit show '13 Regions Y 'has recently revealed that they have become transgender and from now on, they will play only the characters of women in their career. Tommy had gained a lot of headlines in the Netflix's show.

Tommy has said this in the interview given to Time Magazine. In a conversation with Transgender Novelist Tori Peters, he said that I was living like a woman for the last one year and medical it has now completed the process of becoming my transgender. I now look at myself as a woman.

Significantly, Tommy had indicated to transgender several times in the last one year. He was sharing photos with his new look for the last few years on Instagram. Apart from this, he also appeared in New York wearing Summer Dress with Actor Lucas Hedge.

Tommy has not made any changes in his name. Talking about this, he said that my name was kept on my mother's brother. After a month of birth, he had died and I feel very special connections by this name. That's why I have not changed my name even after transgender surgery.

He said that at one time it was when I was thinking that I should keep my transgender journey in front of people in a different way. I wanted to disappear for two years and then wanted to come back to the industry with a new name, new face and new identity but then I thought that the beautiful process of this transition should also share with its fans.

While talking about his acting career, he said that I am no longer interested in playing the mercury. My focus will now be on playing the female characters. It is worth mentioning that they are also working in a film as a woman's character and taking this film is directing Durham.

The name of this upcoming film of Tommy is Sharp Stick and he is very excited about his new incarnation. It is worth mentioning that before Christopher Nolan and Leonardo de Capriya, actress Allen, who worked in the film installation, had also said on social media that they are transgender.