T20 World Cup / After 861 days today again cricket war with Pakistan... if India will win

Zoom News : Oct 24, 2021, 10:07 AM
After 2 years, 4 months and 8 days, the opportunity has come again. Cricket's super war is going to happen again after 861 days, in which India and Pakistan will be seen face to face. There will be a fierce battle between the army of Virat Kohli and the army of Babar Azam on the ground of Dubai. In the battle of ball and bat, the thrill will cross the limits. The noise of the spectators in the stadium will shake. Every wicket that falls in Dubai and every run that rains will swing from Delhi to Islamabad. The eyes of the world will be on this great match. Because, nothing is greater and more than this.

If we go to the figures, then Pakistan Fateh seems to be a left-handed game for Team India. Makes every Indian feel proud. Whenever the pitch of the T20 World Cup, India's arch-rival has come to the fore, it has eaten its mouth. This has happened 5 times in 6 editions of T20 World Cup so far. Not only this, India is also far ahead in overall figures. Both the teams have faced each other in T20 Internationals 8 times. Of these, 6 India has won, 1 by Pakistan while 1 match was inconclusive.

Who will beat whom in the situation of UAE?

However, this time the situation is different. The matches are in UAE, so Pakistan's arms have blossomed. For Babar Azam's army, UAE is like his second home. He has the experience of playing more matches in UAE than any other team in the world. The captain of Pakistan has also mentioned this thing many times. But, Babar should also keep in mind that in recent times, the players of Team India have been more friendly than him on the pitches of UAE. The second half of IPL 2021 has been played on the same pitches on which the T20 World Cup is being held. And, in such a situation, dreaming of defeating India is like bringing stars by breaking them.

The status of Pakistan's playing XI is clear.

Pakistan has almost cleared the position of their playing XI even before taking on India. He has announced the names of those 12 players, out of which 11 will play. He is going to land with a combination of 3 fast bowlers and 2 spinners. India has not yet clarified its position regarding the playing XI. But, his bowling combination can be seen only with 3 fast bowlers and 2 spinners. Jadeja will play as the first spinner. While the second spinner can be either Ashwin and Varun Chakraborty.

Pakistan did not lose in UAE and India in T20 WC

Babar Azam's team has not lost a single T20 match in UAE so far. And, here India has not lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. Therefore, whichever record is broken in either of the two will be broken for the first time. Now it remains to be seen whether Pakistan breaks the record of not losing T20 in UAE. Or there is a break on Pakistan Fateh's India connection in the T20 World Cup. By the way, seeing the performance of both the teams in the warm-up match, it seems that India will once again see Pakistan.