COP28 Summit / After all, why is Jinping jealous? Amazing chemistry between Modi and Meloni?

Zoom News : Dec 01, 2023, 09:23 PM
COP28 Summit: The strategic relations between India and Italy are continuously getting stronger, how strong is the friendship between the two countries, this was once again seen in UAE on Friday. Here PM Narendra Modi and Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni met each other. During this meeting, smiles were seen on the faces of both the leaders. Its video is going viral on social media. It is believed that this growing friendship between India and Italy is a big blow for Chinese President Xi Jinping. Especially because Italy has recently withdrawn from China's ambitious project BRI.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached UAE to participate in the COP summit. Here PM Modi met warmly with all the leaders who came to the summit. Meanwhile, he also met Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni. PM himself has shared its picture on social media platform X. Referring to the meeting, the PM has written that- 'There is hope for collaborative efforts between India and Italy for a sustainable and prosperous future between the two countries'. The special thing is that the Prime Minister himself was invited by UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to participate in this conference.

Good chemistry was also seen in the G20 conference

Before UAE, great chemistry was also seen during the G20 summit between PM Modi and Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni. Even at that time, PM Modi and Meloni met each other with a smile and kept laughing for a long time. There was also a bilateral meeting between the two leaders, in which issues like trade, defense and technology were discussed. PM Modi had made a post on social media platform In our conversation, areas like trade, commerce, defense etc. were discussed. India and Italy will continue to work together for global prosperity.' After this, Meloni also wished PM Modi on his birthday, he wrote on the social media platform Those close to Italy and excellent history writers are making the future of India even better.

Why is Jinping jealous?

The ever-strengthening relations between India and Italy are the biggest tension for China, especially because Italy had recently announced its withdrawal from Chinese President Jinping's dream project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The special thing is that Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni, who had distanced herself from China's dream project, had shown interest in the Middle East Corridor. This corridor will be between India, America and UAE, in which apart from Italy, France, Germany, goods will also be exported from Nepal and Bangladesh.

Meloni had opposed BRI as soon as he became PM

Italy signed China's BRI project in 2019. When Giorgia Meloni became the PM of Italy, he opposed it. When Italy's Foreign Minister visited China in September, he first expressed his desire to withdraw from BRI. After this, PM Meloni had openly announced that she wanted to exit China's Belt and Road Project, because Italy did not benefit from this project. After this announcement, China sent PM Li Qiang to India to persuade Meloni and a bilateral meeting was also held between the two countries.

Meloni had told PM the world's most favorite leader

Italy's PM Giorgia Meloni was invited as the chief guest in the 8th edition of Raisina Dialogue held in March this year. He met PM Modi in Delhi and held a joint press conference. In this, Meloni had described PM Modi as the most favorite leader of the world. Meloni had said that it has been proved how great a leader PM Modi is. PM Modi was seen smiling after listening to Meloni. In this meeting, PM Modi had said that India and Italy have had diplomatic relations for 75 years, but there were no defense relations. Now we are starting it. In the same meeting, a startup bridge between India and Italy was also announced.