Indore Fire Incident / After an altercation with the girl in the morning, Sanjay had gone threatening to take revenge, started the fire at night, said - I was upset with her

Zoom News : May 08, 2022, 12:24 PM
In the fire of unrequited love, the mad lover, who snatched the lives of seven people, was arrested by the police. During interrogation, he confessed to his crime. The accused also got injured while running to escape from the police. He has injured his hands and feet. Presently he is undergoing treatment at MY Hospital.

The name of the accused is Sanjay alias Shubham Dixit. He is originally from Jhansi and lived in Niranjanpur in Indore. Accused Sanjay told the police that I was very upset with that girl. He did me very wrong. She got me to spend a lot and later came to know that she gets others to do the same. I wanted to end all relations with her but she would never leave me. She used to ask me for money too often. I had gone to burn the seat of his car, but all the vehicles parked there caught fire and a big incident happened to me. Police said that accused Sanjay was arrested from Niranjanpur area. He broke his arms and legs while trying to escape from the police. Late in the night he was taken to MY Hospital for treatment. Sanjay confessed to the crime and said that the vehicle in which he had come to Swarnbagh Colony had extracted petrol from the same vehicle. After that reached the multi. The girl standing there set fire to the seat of the scooty and fled. Sanjay told that I wanted to end all relations with that girl. She used to ask for money again and again. Sometimes give this, sometimes give that. After setting the fire, the girl called and told that someone had set fire to the multi. After this, on Saturday, the friend told that the news of fire is coming on TV. However, Sanjay also kept on saying that there was a bigger scandal than that. He only wanted to burn the seat of the girl's car, but did not think that this would happen. Had talked to a friend that I want to surrender myself. However, the police will do further questioning.

आरोपी संजय उर्फ शुभम दीक्षित

The girl also got trapped in the fire, pulled out with the help of a rope

Actually, the marriage of the girl with whom accused Sanjay was having an affair was fixed at another place. This angered Sanjay. There was also a dispute with the girl on this matter. Earlier, Sanjay used to live in the same multi of Swarnbagh Colony where the fire broke out, but after a dispute with the girl, he went to live in Niranjanpur. To take revenge on the girl, he set fire to the scooty in which seven people lost their lives and many were injured. Police say that accused Sanjay has done engineering. He used to work in the stock market. Six months ago he lived in the same room where the deceased Ishwar Singh and wife Neetu Singh had gone to live. The girl also lived with her mother in that multi. The love between the two started during the lockdown. There was a dispute between the girl and Sanjay for the last three days. They had a fight on Friday morning as well. Sanjay asked the girl to give back the money she had spent. If you can't give money then give scooty. On this the girl refused. Sanjay left her threatening to take revenge and on late Friday night he set her scooty on fire. When the police saw the DVR of the CCTV, Sanjay was seen standing near the scooty. Based on the number of the scooty, the information of the girl was collected. This girl was also trapped in the fire, which was pulled out with the help of a rope. Later he was sent to the house of a relative living in Indore. When the police identified the girl and called her to the police station, she recognized the accused and said that he was blackmailing her. Used to demand money. Police took out the call details and raided in search of Sanjay. The mobile of the accused was on till 9 pm. Trace the location and arrested him from Niranjanpur late on Saturday night.

यह है वह मल्टी जिसमें लगी थी आग

Seven killed, two seriously injured by jumping off the building

Let us tell you that a fire broke out in a two-storey building of Swarnbagh Colony late on Friday night. About 14 two-wheelers and one four-wheeler were gutted in this incident. Ishwar Sisodia and his wife Neetu Sisodia, Akanksha Agarwal resident of Dewas, Devendra Salve resident of Betul, Ashish Rathore resident of Jhansi, Gaurav Panwar resident of Betul died. There has also been another death which has not been identified. Vinod Solanki, Firoz, Munira Khan, Tushar Prajapati, Arshad Khan and Sonali Panwar were injured. Huh. Tushar and Vinod jumped from the second floor of the building. Due to this both of them have suffered serious injuries. Both are being treated in the hospital.