Ghazipur MMS / Again MMS scandal like Chandigarh, girl was making obscene videos of girl students and sending them to boyfriend

Zoom News : Aug 12, 2023, 08:33 PM
Ghazipur MMS: Chandigarh-like obscene MMS scandal of girl students of Government Homeopathic College of Ghazipur has come to the fore. Like Chandigarh, here also a girl student of the college was making obscene videos and photographs of other girl students living in private hostels and sending them to her boyfriend. Boy friend used to blackmail girl students through these videos and photos. The girl student and her boyfriend who made the video have been suspended from the college for six months. Both are being investigated by taking mobile possession. Objectionable pictures of a girl and a boy have been found in the mobile.

A similar case had come to light in Chandigarh some time back. There also a girl student of the hostel used to make obscene videos of other girl students and send them to her boyfriend. He also made obscene videos of many girl students from the bathroom of the hostel. After getting information about this, many girl students even tried to commit suicide.

Regarding Ghazipur, it is told that for many days a student of BHMS second year was doing the work of making obscene videos and photos of girl students in the college. All the girl students whose video was made are of first year. The student to whom the videos were sent, Mohammad Amir, is also of the first year. First a student complained. After this, collectively on August 7, the girl students complained to the college administration. When it was not taken seriously, the girl students filed a complaint in the city police station.

The girl student living in the private hostel of the Government Homeopathic College used to click objectionable photos of the girl students living with her. Used to make objectionable videos from them. After this she used to send it to her boyfriend. When the matter reached the police, the college administration also swung into action. Both the accused student and the student have been suspended for six months. The student is from Pratapgarh and the student is from Sitapur. At present, the college administration is talking about the investigation.

According to the principal of the college, Subodh Tripathi, action has been taken against both of them and they have been suspended on the complaint of the girl students. Investigation is being done by taking their mobile in possession. The relatives of both have also been called.

According to SP Omveer Singh, a complaint has been received in this matter. Investigation has been given to SP City. The matter is being seriously investigated. At present, no such photo-video has been seen in the mobile of the accused student and girl student. Maybe he has formatted his mobile. All these things are being seriously investigated. Further action will be taken if found guilty in the investigation.

Pornographic photos of accused girl student found in mobile

Dr. BN Sahni, assistant professor of the college and currently in-charge, said that when some girl students complained, the mobile phone of the accused student and student was taken into custody. When both were called and interrogated, the boy continued to lie. After this, the mobiles of a girl and two boys were deposited here. So far some objectionable photographs of a first year girl and a second year boy have appeared. Senior students were agitated after the incident. Due to this went to the police station. The police had called for the mobile. There the investigation was done. Many pictures etc. have been deleted from the mobile.

Said that whatever has happened is a big crime. The boy was earlier saying that the girl is in a relationship. But the girl has denied it. In such a situation, it is believed that the boy is lying. Now the police is taking action from its level. The parents of both have been informed.