Akshara Singh MMS Video / Akshara Singh MMS Leaked! What happened in the case so far? know everything

Zoom News : Sep 21, 2022, 10:20 AM
Akshara Singh MMS Video: Akshara Singh, one of the beautiful actresses of Bhojpuri, has proved her talent with excellent singing apart from acting. He is famous not only in UP Bihar but all over the country. Akshara Singh not only entertains people with films, apart from this, her songs are popular on social media and YouTube. Recently, Akshara Singh's name suddenly came into the limelight. Actually, it was being claimed that the video is allegedly of actress Akshara Singh. After the video surfaced, while trolls were seen criticizing Akshara Singh, close friends and fans defended the actress. The actress is also focusing on work without paying attention to all these things. Do you know what happened in this case so far?

At present, reacting to this viral video, Akshara Singh said that 'I do not know' who has done such an act, but I do not care about all these things. Somebody is saying anything. I haven't even seen the video yet. Am I seen in the video? Don't know who is doing all this. For now, it doesn't matter to me. Do whatever you want to do.' The actress made it clear with this answer that she is not going to break with all these things.

After Akshara Singh's purported video went viral, another video was shared on YouTube, in which Akshara Singh is seen crying and she is seen saying that she has kept it tight, those who like me will like it. . Wherever I want to go, wherever I work. However, after watching this video, many users were seen saying in the comment box that this is an old video. This video is said to be about 2 years old, which is being viral as Akshara Singh's reaction after the MMS scandal.

Talking to a media house, Ranjan Sinha, close to Akshara Singh, said that Akshara has achieved this position with her hard work and dedication, some people are upset with her success and are trying to defame her with such fake MMS. are. To defame anyone, this has become a trend in the industry and Akshara Singh has been victimized.

Akshara Singh is focusing on her work and is constantly active on social media. The actress is also constantly sharing great videos on the demand of her fans and fans are also giving her the same love as before.