Bollywood News / Alka Yagnik became victim of rare disorder, she stopped hearing, singer expressed her pain

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 18, 2024, 12:35 PM
Bollywood News: Bollywood singer Alka Yagnik has become a victim of a rare neuro disorder. The singer has shared this information through social media, after which the fans have become very worried. The singer told that one day while coming out of the flight, she suddenly realized that she was unable to hear. She had this problem after a viral attack. The singer has shared this information on Instagram, after which fans are praying for her recovery. Famous Bollywood celebrities are also shocked by this news. Some people are even advising the singer that she should stay away from loud music.

The singer shared a photo of herself on Insta and wrote- 'I want to tell all my friends, fans and well-wishers that a few weeks ago, as soon as I got out of the flight, I suddenly realized that I was unable to hear anything. Gathering a lot of courage, I am now telling this to you people. Many people were asking me why I have been quiet for so many days. After the diagnosis, the doctors believe that I have suffered a rare sensory neural nerve hearing loss. This has happened due to a viral attack.'

The singer shared a photo of herself on Insta and wrote- 'I am shocked by this sudden incident. Please pray for me until I recover. I would like to tell my fans and young colleagues that you should stay away from too much vulgar and loud music. Also keep a distance from headphones. One day I will talk to all of you in detail about this and tell you about the dangers of my professional life. I hope that with your love and support I will recover soon and make a comeback. Your support is everything for me in this difficult time.'

Reactions coming from fans

The singer has been active in the world of singing for a long time and his fans are all over the world. Everyone is saddened to see this condition of the singer. Artists from the film industry like Ila Arun, Sonu Nigam and Poonam Dhillon have expressed grief over this incident. Sonu Nigam, who has sung many superhit songs with the singer, said- I knew something was not right. I will meet you when I come back. May God make you well soon.