World Cup / Amazing story of 1983 World Cup victory, when 2 tickets broke British pride

Zoom News : Jun 25, 2023, 08:25 AM
World Cup: 25 June 1983, a date that no Indian can forget. In England, Team India had done what the country had never thought of. The whole world had never thought that India could become the world champion, but June 25 is the date when Team India created history. India lifted the World Cup under the leadership of Kapil Dev on the historic ground of Lord's. The final may have ended, but it was the beginning of India becoming the biggest power in the world of cricket. The final had brought a revolution in Indian cricket.

Indian cricket changed completely after this. The players got confidence that they too can defeat the most dangerous team of that time, West Indies. After the final, the whole world accepted Team India's iron, everyone is aware of this, but hardly people would know that after seeing what England did in the final, then what BCCI President NKP Salve did. The world was shocked. Big teams stopped taking India lightly because of what Salve did.

Salve asked for 2 tickets from England

Salve was the President of BCCI from 1982 to 1985. In 1983, when Team India reached the final of the World Cup, Salve had demanded 2 tickets from the England Cricket Board to watch the title match, but the England Board refused to give despite having the ticket. India had hoisted the tricolor at Lord's, but Salve was not at all happy with this action of the English Board. He was very touched by this and he decided to break the pride of England.

World Cup outside England for the first time

To break the pride of England, he decided to host the World Cup outside England. Salve put his whole life after this and due to his efforts, India hosted the 1987 World Cup along with Pakistan. England was shocked by the hosting of the World Cup out of hand. The England board had even said that Asian countries cannot organize such a big event.

England kept shaking hands

This statement of the England Board further boosted Salve's spirits and he decided everything by meeting with the Pakistan Board in Lahore. The result of Salve's effort was that for the first time in 1987, the World Cup was played outside England and that too in a country whose president was denied a ticket by England. India successfully organized the tournament with Pakistan. After that the World Cup was played in England in 1999. At the same time, India has hosted it 3 times so far and will host it for the fourth time this year.