US Offer India / America took this step for India, China came under tension

Zoom News : Jun 03, 2023, 10:26 PM
US Offer India: Due to the increasing threat of India on the international stage, China's face has become stronger. The growing friendship between America and India has given new tension to Beijing. In the matter of defense cooperation, America has given an offer to India. Although India has not yet taken any decision on whether to accept it or not, but already China has lost its sleep. Actually America wants India to join 'NATO Plus'. This means that if India joins this group, then in the event of war, America and other European countries, which are its members, will come forward to help. Before PM Modi's visit to America on June 22, US Ambassador Eric Grassetti said on this proposal, 'Anything on the Table' means anything can happen.

Fear haunting China

China is repeatedly engaged in showing eye to Taiwan. America has called it its duty to protect Taiwan. To deal with China's aggression, America has recently passed the proposal of NATO Plus in the US House Committee. If India joins NATO Plus, it will get a strong partner in Asia and will be able to make a better strategy.

China has expressed this 'fear' in its official media Global Times. He has said that if India leans towards NATO Plus, it will cause great harm to New Delhi's autonomy, international status and relations with neighboring countries.

'America wants to create a situation like Russia'

Global Times quoted an expert as saying that America's real move is something else. America wants to implement a model like Russia in the Asia-Pacific region. India also wants to use the framework of America and NATO to increase its influence.

Direct 'threat' to India

China has also indirectly threatened India. The Chinese expert said that the possibility of India's cooperation with NATO in the future cannot be ruled out. But if this happens, it will mean that America will directly push India to compete with China. India should maintain good long term relations with Russia as well and keeping distance from America would be good for it.

What is nato plus

There are five countries in NATO Plus apart from America. Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel and South Korea are also in this group. According to the defense agreement with America, in the event of war, all countries will come together to help each other.

Advantage as well as disadvantage for India

If India joins this group, then the biggest advantage will be that China's uncontrollable moves will be curbed. China is constantly trying to infiltrate the border and is trying to encircle it through neighboring countries. Although India has so far adopted the strategy of not joining any faction. Secondly, India is engaged in taking forward its economy. After joining this group, he will also have to get involved in the quarrels of other countries.