Bollywood / Ananya Pandey sister Alanna Panday shared a bathing picture

Zoom News : Oct 10, 2021, 09:00 PM
Bollywood | Actress Ananya Panday's cousin Alana Pandey always makes headlines due to her boldness. At the same time, Alana has shared such a picture, seeing which people are sweating. In this picture, she is seen standing in the middle of the sea and taking a bath with a big conch.

Alana looked like a mermaid

In this picture, the look of Alanna Pandey is looking like a mermaid. She is seen wearing a transparent bra. She is standing in the middle of the sea water and together there is a big conch. Filling water in that conch shell, Alana is pouring it on her body. This picture looks beautiful like a fantasy painting. Look at this picture...

Why are you bathing with a conch?

If you want to know the answer why Alana clicked this picture, then you must read the caption written with her picture. He wrote in the caption, 'Don't ask why I am dramatically pouring water on myself, from a giant conch in the middle of the Arabian Sea @ivor inspired me to do so.' Let me tell you that Ivor McCray V is the name of her boyfriend.

Alana is a social media sensation

Let us tell you that Alanna Pandey has become a social media sensation. We are saying this thing with certainty. She is creating panic with her photos on social media. Often she posts cozy photos with her boyfriend Ivor McCray V. These photos of both are engulfing the hearts and minds of the people.