Bihar Politics / Another uncle-nephew war – swords drawn between Paras-Chirag Paswan over Hajipur seat in Bihar

Zoom News : Jul 06, 2023, 02:42 PM
Bihar Politics: At present, the war of uncle and nephew is going on in the politics of Maharashtra, which the whole country is watching. Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar are face to face with each other to take over the Nationalist Congress Party. Uncle-nephew war is not new in the political corridors of different parts of the country, apart from Maharashtra, a similar war is going on in Bihar as well. Here a war has broken out between nephew Chirag Paswan and uncle Pashupati Paras Paswan over a Lok Sabha seat.

Former Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan's birth anniversary was on July 5, on this occasion, there has once again been a tussle between his son Chirag Paswan and brother Pashupati Paras Paswan over the legacy. Earlier both the parties had come face to face regarding the capture of the party and now it is a matter of one Lok Sabha seat. Actually, Chirag Paswan, MP from Jamui, has announced that he will contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections from Hajipur, from where his father used to fight. This has been opposed by Pashupati Paras, who is currently the MP from this seat.

Pashupati Paras, who has been doing politics under the shadow of his brother, says that his brother (Ram Vilas Paswan) had handed over this seat to him, in such a situation it is his legacy, so he himself will try his hand at this seat. Please tell that Hajipur seat was the stronghold of Ram Vilas Paswan, he has been a Member of Parliament for 7 times.

What is the tension between uncle and nephew?

In fact, on the occasion of his father's birth anniversary, Lok Janshakti Party MP Chirag Paswan took out a big roadshow in Hajipur. When a large crowd of Chirag's supporters came out on the streets, he also announced a new political battle. Jamui MP Chirag talked about contesting the Lok Sabha elections from his father's seat, Chirag announced in front of his supporters that he will now work only for Hajipur and fulfill his father's dream. Just this announcement brought the uncle-nephew fight to the fore once again.

Pashupati Paras has replied on this statement of Chirag, he says that I am now the MP there, my brother had given me this seat. Union Minister Pashupati Paras told a private channel that he did not want to contest the elections in 2019, but at the behest of Ram Vilas Paswan, he entered the fray.

There is no way of reconciliation between the uncle and nephew before the Lok Sabha elections, so if both contest from this seat, then the family dispute can turn into a political war. The special thing is that right now Pashupati Paras is with the NDA and is a minister in the central government while Chirag Paswan is not with any alliance.

There is a rar in both for the party

This feud between Chirag and Pashupati Paras has been seen earlier also, when Ram Vilas Paswan started giving preference to his son Chirag in the party. Actually, earlier Ram Vilas Paswan used to be active in the politics of the center, then only his brother Pashupati looked after the work of the state. But later Ram Vilas put Chirag on the front foot and completely handed over the responsibility of the state to his son.

Since then this fight was going on and when Ram Vilas died in 2020, after that this discord in the party came to the fore. In the year 2021, the faction of Chirag and Pashupati Paras staked claim on the party, after which Chirag Paswan expelled five MPs from the party while Pashupati Paras faction removed Chirag from the post of party president.

After this legal battle that lasted for several days, the Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) was captured by Chirag Paswan, while the MPs accompanying Pashupati Paras together formed the Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party. Pashupati Paras was considered the leader of the party in the Lok Sabha, he supported the central government and he also became a central minister.

Whose bet on Hajipur seat?

The whole fight is about the Hajipur seat in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Chirag Paswan, who is trying to regain his land in Bihar, wants to bring himself forward through his father's seat, while his uncle Pashupati Paras is sitting on his brother's seat. Although Pashupati is still with Paras with the NDA, while Chirag Paswan is trying to join the NDA. This seat reserved for SC is considered to be LJP's bastion, that is why after the war of occupation of the party, now there is an attempt to grab this bastion.