Virat Kohli Son / Anushka-Virat's son was born in London, will he get UK citizenship now?

Zoom News : Feb 21, 2024, 05:30 PM
Virat Kohli Son: Cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma have once again become father and mother. Anushka Sharma has given birth to a son in London. Virat himself has given information about this in a post on Instagram. He has told that the son has been named Akay. Virat and Anushka already have a daughter, whose name is Vamika. After the birth of their son, Virat-Anushka are receiving many congratulations on social media.

Meanwhile, people are also wondering whether Virat-Anushka's son will get citizenship there due to his birth in London. Let us find the answer to this question and know what is the way to get United Kingdom (UK) citizenship.

Will I get British citizenship or not?

Generally, any person is a citizen of the country where he is born, but for this it is necessary that one or both of his parents are citizens of the same country. However, the rules for this may be different in different countries. Since Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are Indian citizens and have gone to London for the birth of their son only due to hospitality and better medical resources, Akay will not get UK citizenship despite being born there.

If a woman, normally a citizen of one country, goes to another country and gives birth to a child, then her child will not automatically get the citizenship of that other country. The same rule applies in the case of Virat and Anushka's son. If he wants UK citizenship, he will have to follow the citizenship rules there.

What is the general rule for getting UK citizenship?

Well, every country has different rules for getting citizenship. Earlier, after staying in the UK on a valid visa for five consecutive years, any person could apply for citizenship there. After this, one had to pass the test of English and general knowledge related to common life there. Later this rule was changed and it was said that people will be given temporary citizenship even after staying for five years with a valid visa.

To get permanent citizenship, such people will have to go through the point system. In such a situation, it may take one to five years to convert temporary citizenship into permanent citizenship.

What is point system?

In the point system, those applying for citizenship are given points on different issues and points are also deducted for failing to follow any rule. In such a situation, citizenship becomes permanent only after achieving a certain point. If a person marries a British citizen then it definitely becomes easier for him to get citizenship. There are separate rules for this also.

There are rules for American citizenship

Similarly, to get American citizenship, one must generally be a legal permanent resident of America for at least five years. Apart from this, there are some special provisions also, due to which people can easily get citizenship.

For example, if a person marries an American, that is, one of the spouses is already an American, then it is easier to get citizenship. If a person is in military service, he also gets some concessions in the rules of citizenship.

If you want to become a citizen of Canada, you will have to fulfill these conditions

The first condition to get Canadian citizenship is that any person will have to spend at least 1,095 days out of five years there. These 1095 days are also counted in a special way. The number of days you are physically present in Canada will be counted for citizenship. Then to register physical presence, one will have to stay permanently for at least two years.

Out of the five years in which the claim of residence in Canada will be made, it will be necessary to pay taxes there for three years. Apart from this, there should not be any criminal case against anyone to get Canadian citizenship. One has to have knowledge of the civic duties there, understanding of geography, history and political structure. If the age of the person applying for citizenship is between 18 to 54 years, he will also have to provide proof of knowledge of English or French language.