India / Arunachal health worker crosses bamboo bridge to give COVID-19 vaccines

Zoom News : Oct 17, 2021, 09:09 AM
New Delhi: A health worker walks gingerly on two bamboo logs - the only remains of a makeshift bridge made by locals - as he crosses a raging river to reach a remote village in Arunachal Pradesh, in a video shared on Twitter that highlights challenges faced by frontline workers trying to inoculate people against the infectious coronavirus.

The video, shared by state-run broadcaster Prashar Bharti, shows the health worker balancing himself on the two narrow logs as he crosses the river.

He is welcomed by the man who is shooting the video. Two other men - possibly trying to rebuild the bridge - are seen standing at a distance.

The video shows efforts taken by rural health workers - who brave forests, streams, and bad roads to reach far-flung areas - to inoculate thousands of people against the coronavirus.

Often, they are also forced to debunk myths and convince the villagers that vaccination is a must.

Over 96.82 crore Covid vaccine doses have been administered in the country so far under the nationwide vaccination drive.

Once India crosses the 100-crore vaccination milestone, the government plans to showcase the achievement with a number of events, including hooting over speakers, hoisting of the tricolour at the Red Fort, and an announcement at railway stations and on trains, planes, and ships.