India / Aryan hasn't revealed drug dealers' names, only he can disclose details: Court

Zoom News : Oct 21, 2021, 07:33 AM
Mumbai: As the Special NDPS court refused Aryan Khan bail in connection with the cruise rave party, it said that all accused in the case acted in conspiracy with each other and all of them are connected in the same thread. The conspiracy angle needs to be proved, but prima facie it is clear that all of them are part of a bigger nexus, the court said.

Here are the five observations that the special NDPS court made about Aryan Khan and the case

1. Aryan Khan was in touch with other drug dealers who appear to be part of an international drug network. The NCB is trying to trace these persons and check their criminal records.

2. Aryan Khan has exclusive knowledge about these persons. As stated in the court order, accessed by LiveLaw, Aryan Khan has not yet disclosed the names of these persons and Aryan Khan is the only person who can disclose the details of these persons. "In such circumstances, if applicant/accused no 1 (Aryan Khan) is released on bail, there are every chance of tampering with evidence.

3. It is true that Aryan Khan has no criminal antecedents, but his chats reflect that he was indulging in illicit drug activities. All the accused are part of a conspiracy. "It transpires that all the accused are connected in the same thread," the court said noting that the arrested disclosed the name of their suppliers to the NCB during interrogation.

4. The court also referred to the Showik Chakraborty case and said each of the arrested is liable for the entire quantity of drugs seized. "Case of each accused can not be segregated from each other and can not be considered in isolation," it said.

5. In his chats, Aryan Khan mentioned bulk quantity and hard drugs. "There is prima facie material showing that applicant no 1 (Aryan Khan) was in contact with persons dealing in prohibited narcotic substances as alleged by the prosecution.