Crime / Assam police dead body of woman was in sack police reached army headquarters arrested

Vikrant Shekhawat : Feb 25, 2023, 11:25 PM
Rangiya (Assam). The Assam Police arrested a senior army officer from the Army's IV Corps Headquarters in Tezpur in a murder case. A police officer gave this information on Saturday. The officer said that the lieutenant colonel rank officer has confessed to the murder of the 36-year-old woman. The woman's body was found in a gunny bag on February 15 in Changsari area of Kamrup district. Kamrup Superintendent of Police Hitesh Chandra Roy said, “The police team arrested the accused from Tezpur on Friday night with proper permission from army officials.”

The Superintendent of Police said, "He was kept at the North Guwahati Police Station and during interrogation today he has confessed to the murder." At present, the accused is in judicial custody. Superintendent of Police Roy said that preliminary investigation revealed that the accused had a relationship with the victim. The victim was a resident of Tamil Nadu and had a four-year-old daughter from her previous marriage. He said, 'The woman had recently traveled to Guwahati with her daughter by Rajdhani Express.

The deceased woman had contacted the accused over the phone 138 times.

Superintendent of Police Hitesh Chandra Roy said that according to her phone details, she had since then contacted the accused 138 times over the phone.' Roy said CCTV footage of the army officer going to Howrah station and dropping the child there was also found. . The police officer said that the girl is in the custody of Kamrup police and is now under proper supervision. The vehicle used in the crime has been recovered. He told that at present the matter is being investigated.

The pendant exposed and the police reached the killer like this

When the Assam Police found the dead body, at that time it seemed impossible for the police to identify the dead body and reach the killer, but a pendant exposed the case. The pendant that the woman wore around her neck belonged to the Maa Linga Bhairavi temple located in the famous city of South India, Coimbatore. On this the police contacted the temple. Sent photo etc. of the deceased woman, on this the temple told that this photo is of Vandana Shri and shared information related to her. The temple also gave the phone number of the woman's father to the Assam Police. The father told that my daughter has left with her daughter saying she is going to Varanasi and we are not able to contact her. On going through the phone details, the police reached the army officer and the accused in the murder, AS Walia. The accused had dropped the 4-year-old daughter of the deceased woman at the Kolkata railway station. This was proved by the CCTV footage. The police have handed over the daughter to her maternal grandfather.