World / Baby killer nurse killed seven infant in hospital

Zoom News : Oct 10, 2022, 10:07 PM
A UK nurse has been booked for killing seven newborn babies. The 32-year-old nurse is alleged to have brutally murdered not only seven children but also tried to kill 10 others. Manchester Crown Court was told that between 2015 and 2016, two children were injected with poison in the neo-natal ward of Chester Hospital. It was not an accident but the nurse did it intentionally.

In the court, the prosecution told that some children were killed by infusing air into the vein and some by filling air in the stomach with a tube. There were also many cases in which nurse Lucy Letby tried several times for murder. Eventually he put innocent people to death. Prosecutor Nick Johnson Casey said all this work was done by the female nurse. When there was a problem with the 17 children, the suspicion deepened.

Letby was on special training to care for babies in the ICU. He is accused of killing five boys and two girls. Apart from this, there is also an allegation of attempt to murder five boys and five girls. When the death rate of children suddenly increased in the hospital, the investigation started. Later it was discovered that Letby's name was recurring in the children's unconsciousness and their deaths. It was only when she was on duty that untoward incidents happened to the children.

Sometimes the nurse used to give high level insulin to the children, due to which the sugar in their blood would drop too low and lead to death. Some children were saved by the wisdom of the staff. It was told in the court that a child was murdered only one and a half hours after its birth. He was given air by injection. Although Nurse Letby has denied all 22 allegations.