Rishi Sunak News / PM Rishi Sunak appointed former British PM David Cameron as Foreign Secretary.

Zoom News : Nov 13, 2023, 10:30 PM
Rishi Sunak News: David Cameron was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs in the UK Government. British PM Rishi Sunak has appointed former Prime Minister David Cameron as the new Foreign Secretary in a major cabinet reshuffle. According to Downing Street, the former prime minister's unexpected appointment comes after Suella Braverman was removed as Home Secretary and James Cleverley was appointed in her place. This has left the top post in the Foreign Office vacant.

James Cleverly becomes Secretary of State for Home Department

Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak appointed James Cleverly as the Secretary of State for the Home Department in the British Government.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fired Home Secretary Suella Braverman today following comments she made last week about the police handling of a pro-Palestine march, Reuters reported.

Rishi Sunak sacks Suella Braverman

British PM Rishi Sunak has dismissed Interior Minister Suella Braverman. There was a lot of pressure on Sunak for this dismissal. In fact, Minister Suela had raised questions on the impartiality of the London police. Interior Minister Suella Braverman was sacked by PM Sunak after comments about the police handling of a pro-Palestine march last week. According to British government sources, he was under pressure to sack him following comments he made last week about the police's soft handling of a pro-Palestinian march.