Israel-Hamas News / Bad news for Israeli PM in the midst of war - Netanyahu trapped in his own 'trap'

Zoom News : Dec 05, 2023, 09:30 AM
Israel-Hamas News: Amidst the war with Hamas and the ongoing Israeli bombardment on Gaza, a news may trouble Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to reports, the hearing on the ongoing corruption cases against Netanyahu started again on Monday. Emergency was imposed in the country after Hamas's shocking attack on Israel on October 7. After this, the ongoing case against Netanyahu was stopped but on December 1, the emergency was lifted again. Israel's Justice Minister Yaris Levin ended the emergency here and opened the file there.

The corruption trial against Netanyahu first started in January 2020. Till now he has not been able to get rid of it. Netanyahu is accused of fraud, betrayal and bribery. He is the first Israeli PM to face trial for such a serious crime and to appear in court as an accused while being the Prime Minister. However, Netanyahu says that all the allegations against him are baseless.

There are three different allegations against Netanyahu:-

1. Case 1000 – In Case 1000, Netanyahu is accused of taking cigars and expensive champagne as gifts from a foreign businessman. This has been considered a case of fraud and playing with the dignity of one's position.

2. Case 2000 – Like Case 1000, in Case 2000 also there are allegations of fraud and betrayal but here the case is a little more interesting. The allegation is that Netanyahu created an atmosphere in his favor through a newspaper. In return, he reduced the circulation of another newspaper which was not a supporter of Netanyahu and was a rival of the newspaper which was creating an atmosphere in support of the Israeli PM.

3. Case 4000 – This is the most serious case. Netanyahu is accused of benefiting his friend Shaul Elovich and for this he violated every rule and law. Netanyahu reportedly gave Shaul additional leeway in telecommunication-related regulation. It is said that in return, Shaul did extensive media coverage in support of Netanyahu through his media platform.