India China Clash / Be it Galwan or Tawang, the army showed bravery, the more you praise, the less - Rajnath

Zoom News : Dec 17, 2022, 12:47 PM
India China Clash: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that whether it is Galwan or Tawang, the army has shown its bravery. The amount of praise for the soldiers is less. This statement was made by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh at FICCI's 95th Annual Conference and AGM. In gestures, he also gave advice to Rahul Gandhi. Rajnath Singh said that politics is done by speaking the truth, not by lying. Politics cannot be done for long by lying. At the same time, he said that it is not right to doubt someone's intentions in politics all the time.

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday claimed that China is preparing for war, while the government is asleep and trying to 'ignore' the threat. He said- The threat of China... and it is clear to me... and I have been saying this for two-three years, but the central government is trying to hide it. The government is ignoring it, but that danger can neither be hidden nor ignored.

Rahul said – Their (China) preparations are going on… their offensive preparations are going on towards Ladakh and towards Arunachal… The Government of India is asleep. The Government of India does not want to listen. But their (China) preparations are going on, preparations are for war. Preparation is not an intrusion. Preparation is for war.' Rahul further said, 'If anyone understands these things, if you see the pattern of their weapons. What are they doing, over there…they are preparing for war and our government hides that fact and may not be able to accept that fact.