NDA Government / Rajnath Singh took over his charge, told- how will he contribute to the economy apart from security

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 13, 2024, 01:50 PM
NDA Government: After the formation of the 18th Parliament of the country, Rajnath Singh has once again taken over the responsibility of Defense Minister. He took charge in Delhi on Thursday. He has been given this responsibility for the second consecutive time. Rajnath Singh, who took over the responsibility of Home Minister in 2014, has been handling the Defense Ministry since 2019. On getting the Defense Ministry for the second consecutive time, he said that in the next five years, his goal will be to keep the country safe and take forward self-reliant India. In this way, he has also set a goal to contribute to the country's economy.

After taking over as the Defense Minister for the second time, Rajnath Singh said, "PM Modi has once again given me the responsibility of the Defense Ministry. Our priorities will remain the same as before. There will be full focus on the security of the country. We want to build a strong self-reliant India. We want to be self-reliant in defense manufacturing. We have exported more than 21,000 crores worth of weapons and security equipment. Our target is to take this figure to 50,000 crores in the next five years. We are proud of our three forces - Army, Navy and Air Force."

Dharmendra Pradhan also took charge

Apart from Rajnath Singh, Dharmendra Pradhan also took charge as Education Minister. Regarding the alleged rigging in the NEET exam, he said that there has been no scam. The matter is in court and investigation is going on. I would like to assure all the children and their parents that there has been no irregularity. We will accept the order of the court. Along with Dharmendra Pradhan, Jayant Chaudhary of Rashtriya Lok Dal has also been given the responsibility of Minister of State in the Education Ministry. However, Jayant Chaudhary's job will be to assist Dharmendra Pradhan.