PM Modi US Visit / Biden is a resolved leader, you will be surprised by the changed India - PM Modi

Zoom News : Jun 24, 2023, 07:42 AM
PM Modi US Visit: Addressing the overseas Indians at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the entire map of India is visible in this hall. I can see people from every corner of India here. It looks like mini India has come up. PM Modi said that India and America are taking steps towards a better future. He said that Joe Biden is a resolved experienced leader. I got a lot of love and affection in the last three days. He is taking the Indo-US partnership to a new height, I appreciate Biden for this effort. Addressing the overseas Indians, Prime Minister Modi said that GE's decision to make fighter planes in India is historic.

He said that GE is not only giving us technology but also trust. He said that Boeing has announced an investment of $100 billion in India. Google, Micron have also announced investments. New consulates will open in Ahmedabad and Bangalore. All the announcements will increase investment in India.

India Mother of Democracy, US Champion of Modern Democracy

Prime Minister Modi said that India is the mother of democracy and America is the champion of modern democracy. He said that America is our biggest trade partner. He said that H1 visa will be renewed in America only. You don't have to go out for this. A pilot project is starting this year for visa renewal.

PM Modi said that India's potential is giving direction to the development of the world. He said that the eyes of the whole world are on India. India knows its way. The PM said that today confidence has returned in the new India. Earlier, due to slavery, self-confidence was snatched away.

India's faith is the biggest reason for India's progress

PM Modi said that the biggest reason for India's progress is India's faith. He said that the emotional relationship between India and America is getting stronger. The PM said that India is turning into an opportunity of possibilities. Never before had there been so much investment on infra. Success stories are being written in small towns. Changed India will surprise you.

India's digital revolution unprecedented

Prime Minister Modi said that India's digital revolution is unprecedented. India is converting its potential into performance. This is the right opportunity to invest in India. PM Modi said that the world starts dancing to the tune of Natu Natu. He said that it was a new and glorious journey in three days. With this address, the American tour of Prime Minister Modi has come to an end. PM Modi has left for Egypt from America.