Bihar News / Bihar's second AIIMS will be built in the splendor of Darbhanga, land has been marked - Central Government approved

Zoom News : Nov 28, 2023, 09:30 AM
Bihar News: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Monday that approval has come from the Center to build AIIMS in Shobhan, Darbhanga. The Central Government has been asked to increase the height of Darbhanga AIIMS which was already fixed, we are increasing it further. While discussing with journalists in Darbhanga, Nitish Kumar said that this will also expand the city considerably.

land marked in shobhan

After Patna, the second AIIMS in Bihar will be built in Darbhanga, for which land has been identified in Shobhan. During his visit to Darbhanga, the Chief Minister announced the construction of an academic building and 2100 bedded hospital with 250 enrollment per year and the Government Maharani Rameshwari Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, Mohanpur under the plan to redevelop Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital at a cost of Rs 2742.04 crore. Laid the foundation stone.

Inauguration of 400 bed surgical ward

The Chief Minister also inaugurated various schemes including a 400-bed surgical block at a cost of Rs 194.08 crore. He said that Shobhan is a very good place to establish AIIMS in Darbhanga, which we have identified. There is better connectivity for transportation, where people can reach easily. With the construction of AIIMS in Shobhan, Darbhanga city will also expand.