Biparjoy Cyclone / Biparjoy collided with the coast in Jakhou - electric poles fell, roofs of thousands of houses were blown away

Zoom News : Jun 15, 2023, 06:57 PM
Biparjoy Cyclone: Cyclone Biparjoy in the Arabian Sea has hit the coasts of Gujarat. After the landfall, the scene of devastation has started appearing. Electric poles and trees have fallen at various places. More than 500 electric poles have fallen. At present, the wind speed is more than 100 km in the coastal districts of Gujarat. The pictures that are coming out. Seeing them, it is clear that Cyclone Biperjoy has become extremely dangerous. The Meteorological Department said that there has been damage up to 100 km in Jakhau.

Landfall will continue till midnight

The waves rising in the sea are going up to 5 meters high. According to the Meteorological Department, the landfall of Biparjoy will continue till midnight. It is being told that a red alert has been issued on the coast of Saurashtra and Kutch in Gujarat. The situation is such that electricity has been cut off in Kutch and Dwarka. The wind speed is continuously increasing and the rain is also increasing equally. At present, it is raining heavily in Dwarka, Mandvi, Kutch, Somnath everywhere.

Pictures of devastation start coming

The Meteorological Department said that trees have fallen in Dwarka as well and there is zero visibility in Jakhau. At the same time, Bhuj Nalia National Highway of Kutch has been closed due to falling trees. 27 teams of NDRF have been deployed in the coastal areas. DG of the Meteorological Department, Mrityunjay Mohapatra has said that the Biparjoy storm is currently in its most dangerous form. Stormy winds are blowing at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour. According to the Meteorological Department, the maximum damage can be done in the area of 100 kilometers around Jakhou Port. During this, the wind speed is estimated to be around 120 to 140 km. Pictures of the devastation caused by this stormy tornado have also started coming.

Trees were broken, electric poles fell

On the other hand, pictures of uprooting of dozens of trees are coming in Dwarka. However, the people of the rescue team are immediately cutting trees with saws, so that there is no difficulty in the relief and rescue operations. Electric poles have also been uprooted. Though electricity has already been disconnected by the administration in the storm-hit areas, hoardings on houses and shops have also started uprooting.

Roofs of thousands of houses blown away

According to the information received so far, the roofs of about 2000 kutcha houses have been blown away. The government had already shifted one lakh people to safer areas. Those who have stayed in their pucca homes in the storm-hit cities are also virtually imprisoned in their homes with all windows and doors closed. An appeal is being made on behalf of the government that people should not come out until the administration asks them to.

Landfall has started in Gujarat. The center of the storm is the Jakhau port of Kutch. Biparjoy will take 2 to 3 hours to reach here, the whole process will last 5 to 6 hours. Next 5 to 6 hours are going to be very challenging for Saurashtra and Kutch.

Cyclone Biparjoy hits Gujarat coast

Cyclonic storm Biparjoy has finally hit the coast of Gujarat amid strong wind and rain. During this, the wind speed can go up to 150 kilometers per hour.

Winds can run at a speed of 140kmph- IMD

IMD has told that during landfall the wind speed can go up to 140 km per hour. Due to the storm, there is a possibility of heavy rains in many districts of Gujarat.

Thunderstorm with heavy rain in Morbi

Due to the effect of Cyclone Biparjoy, heavy rain accompanied by strong thunderstorm is going on in Morbi, Gujarat. At the same time, Jitendra Karadia, the fire officer of Dwarka Municipality has told that we are present on the spot. We are trying to remove the tree with the machine; till now we have received many complaints from all over the village about falling of trees, falling of roofs of houses. We are engaged in rescue work.

Biparjoy moving at a speed of 15 kmph - IMD

IMD DG Mrityunjay Mohapatra has told that the storm Biparjoy is moving at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. Landfall has started on the coast of Gujarat, which will continue till around 12 midnight.

Home Minister Shah is holding a meeting on Biparjoy

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is holding a meeting regarding Biparjoy storm. This meeting is being organized in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Ministry officials are also present in the meeting. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is taking information every moment from the state Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi. NDRF DG and other rescue team officials are also in the meeting. Home Minister Amit Shah is monitoring the situation.

Cyclone 80 KM away

Biparjoy storm is 80 KM away from Gujarat coast. At present, NDRF teams are present on the spot. Along with this, people have been asked to stay away from the coasts.

Indian Coast Guard ready for cyclone

In view of Cyclone Biperjoy, the Indian Coast Guard is fully prepared. 15 ships have been deployed. 7 aircraft are also ready for any rescue operation at sea. Hello operation facility has also been activated in Okha, Jakhau and Vadinar. The Coast Guard stations in Gujarat are fully prepared.

Senior DIG rank officers are in Mundra in Kutch district to take stock of the situation. 23 disaster relief teams have been formed. Arrangements have also been made for 29 Gemini ships, 1000 life jackets.

Army personnel sent towards gujarat

In view of Cyclone Biparjoy in Gujarat, Army, Navy and Air Force are being sent to the state for relief and rescue work. At present the cyclone is 100 km away from Gujarat.