Cyclone Biparjoy / Biparjoy wreaks havoc in Rajasthan! Torrential rain in Jalore, uprooted trees; clogged roads

Zoom News : Jun 18, 2023, 02:11 PM
Cyclone Biparjoy: After wreaking havoc in Gujarat, cyclonic storm Biparjoy is now showing its colors in the neighboring state of Rajasthan. It is raining in many areas of the state since Friday night. It is raining heavily with strong thunderstorms in the state. Due to incessant rains and strong winds, trees have fallen at many places and there is no electricity in many areas. The special effect of Biparjoy is being seen in the south-west areas adjacent to Gujarat. According to the Meteorological Department, there will be heavy rains in many areas even today.

Due to the storm in Jalore, the period of rain is not taking the name of stopping for the last 2 days. Due to the strong stormy winds, trees have been uprooted at many places, while in many areas of the district, electric poles have broken and fallen. Due to which there has also been a problem of electricity. Here, due to continuous torrential rains and stormy winds for the last 2 days, many river drains in Bhinmal, Ranivada, Sanchore, Jaswantpura areas are in spate. Due to which many routes have been blocked. Apart from this, the inflow of water is also going on in Sukdi river.

Water filled at many places on river-drain

Many waterlogged areas in Bhinmal city have been flooded due to inflow of water. Here, due to heavy torrential rains, the river drains of the area around Sundha Mata are also in spate. The same Vanadhar dam has also overflowed. Here, continuous monitoring is being done by the district administration regarding the possible danger of cyclone storm. In this situation, continuous monitoring is being done from the villages to the district headquarters by District Collector Nishant Jain and SP Monika Sen. Disaster and relief rescue teams are continuously engaged.

Due to heavy rains in the upper reaches due to torrential rains accompanied by strong stormy winds, the inflow of water into the dam river drains is increasing. Due to which the people living nearby are being shifted by the administration. Disaster and relief teams are engaged in removing the electric pole in the fallen tree on the road blocked due to heavy rains. Let us tell you that due to Jalore Sanchore district being adjacent to Gujarat, the effect of cyclone can be seen on a large scale here. Due to the continuous rains here, flood-like situations can arise. Let us tell you that the Meteorological Department has issued a warning of heavy rain.

People are being appealed to reach safe places

Due to the havoc caused by the cyclone, the water of Surava dam and Panchla dam may enter the city, while there is a possibility of water reaching the main market of the city. Due to which heavy losses can be caused. Here in Sanchore, the Sanchore Lift Canal of Narmada Canal has also broken down due to heavy inflow of water due to heavy torrential rains. Due to excess water reaching the lift canal of the dams, the canal broke. Due to which the condition in Sanchore city can become even more serious.

More water is coming into the dam river drains. For which the city is being visited by the local administration and minister Sukhram Bishnoi. While making the traders and common people aware, an appeal is being made to take them from waterlogged areas to safer places.