UP Politics / BJP used to say, we have brought Ram, but I got Ram's blessings - Ayodhya MP Awadhesh Prasad

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 23, 2024, 09:58 PM
UP Politics: Samajwadi Party leader and Ayodhya MP Awadhesh Prasad has targeted BJP. He said, 'We have been elected by the grace of Lord Ram, now we will take oath. BJP used to say, we have brought Ram, but I got the blessings of Ram ji.'

Took aim at paper leak

Awadhesh said, 'This government is not able to conduct any examination without leaking. You can see in UP or now see in NEET. The gems of any country are its youth. Their future should not be spoiled.'

It is worth noting that Awadhesh Prasad was the MLA of Ayodhya and he contested the Lok Sabha elections this time, in which he won. After becoming the MP of Ayodhya, he resigned from the post of MLA.

Recently Awadhesh Prasad had said, 'Ayodhya is not anyone's ancestral property, it is the land of Lord Shri Ram. We are the real Ram devotees, no one can be a bigger Ram devotee than us. The god-like people of Ayodhya have defeated the arrogant people.'

The most shocking figures in UP came from Ayodhya. Samajwadi Party candidate Awadhesh Prasad won by 54,567 votes in Ayodhya. He got a total of 5,54,289 votes. BJP candidate Lallu Singh got 4,99,722 votes. BSP's Sachchidanand Pandey came third, he got 46,407 votes.