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Zoom News : Dec 30, 2022, 02:25 PM
Booster Dose Is Safe Or Not: In view of the crisis of BF.7, the sub-variant of Coronavirus hovering over India, the number of people taking Booster Dose has increased rapidly. Meanwhile, a new study has come out regarding booster dose, in which it has been told whether booster dose is safe or not. Apart from this, it has also been claimed in research that how booster dose affects our body. Please inform that this study on booster dose has been done by Tel Aviv University on about 5 thousand people in Israel. This study has been published in the science journal Lancet. During the study, people were made to wear smartwatches and then the data was collected. Booster dose has been described as safe in a study by Tel Aviv University.

study with the help of smartwatch

Let us tell you that for research on booster dose, scientists of Tel Aviv University made 5 thousand people wear smartwatches and then kept an eye on the changes in their body for about 2 years. Out of these, 2,038 people were such, who had got booster dose. Researchers compared the changes in these people before and after the booster dose. Apart from this, many medical files were also analyzed, from which it was known that the booster dose was safe.

Is it safe to apply booster dose?

During this study, scientists set 3 standards. On the basis of this, the booster dose was ascertained to be safe. The first thing was seen that what did the people report? Second, what did the smartwatch detect? Third, what did the doctor find in the examination? According to Professor Yamin of Tel Aviv University, smartwatches were used to detect people's heart rate, heart rate fluctuations, sleep quality and daily steps, etc.

What is the effect of booster dose on the heart?

He said that the heartbeat was compared before and after the booster dose. It was found in the study that the heartbeat had increased after taking two doses of the vaccine, but after taking the booster dose, the heartbeat again came back to the pre-vaccination rate. This shows that the booster dose is safe. He told that there were some people who did not have any side effects after taking the vaccine, the data of the smartwatch showed. However, changes were definitely visible in his body.