Special / Bride wear gold jewellery of sixty kg on wedding day

Zoom News : Oct 14, 2021, 03:34 PM
China : Not only India, many amazing incidents of weddings keep coming out from all the countries of the world and they become viral. Recently in China, such an incident came to the fore when on the wedding day the groom wore so much jewelry to his bride that she could not walk. The bride's family gave 60 gold necklaces each weighing one kilogram. Apart from the necklace, she was also wearing heavy bracelets in her hands.

Actually, this incident is from a city in China. This marriage became a topic of discussion here as the bride was gifted with more than 60 kg of jewellery. Interestingly, all the ornaments were worn by the bride on her wedding day. According to reports, the photo of the bride went viral on social media due to the heavy jewelery she wore at her wedding. In this, the bride is holding a white wedding dress and a bouquet of roses in her hands.

According to the information, the family members of the groom are very rich. His hobby was that he would make the bride wear jewelery above fifty kilos, but the weight of the bride's jewelery became much more than that. When the bride came out wearing all the jewellery, she could not even walk properly, even a guest asked the bride for help, to which she smiled and refused.

For the time being, he somehow completed the marriage rituals. She told that she was fine and would continue to follow the wedding rituals. It was also told that the local people consider gold here as a symbol of 'good luck'. For the people here, gold is also a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Not only this, it is also mentioned in many reports that there is a belief in the place where this marriage took place that it is necessary to wear gold to get rid of evil spirits and bad luck. That's why people use gold here too.