Sheikh Hasina China Rohingya / China looted the treasure of Bangladesh, this issue related to India was discussed

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 11, 2024, 03:15 PM
Sheikh Hasina China Rohingya: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of India's neighboring country Bangladesh has reached China just 18 days after her visit to India. India was also keeping a close eye on her China visit. Sheikh Hasina signed about 21 MOUs after meeting Xi Jinping. Apart from the Belt and Road Initiative, infrastructure, financial assistance etc., the two countries also discussed the Rohingya issue, which is a special issue for India. This meeting of the two leaders took place just a few months before the completion of 50 years of diplomatic relations between China and Bangladesh. During Wednesday's meeting, Xi told Hasina that China and Bangladesh are good neighbors who know each other well and have had friendly relations for thousands of years.

In this meeting, Xi has emphasized the impact of the relationship between the two countries on the Global South. Many Indian media outlets have expressed concern over this visit, but experts believe that this visit is focused on the development of China-Bangladesh relations and it is difficult to affect any third party.

India shares a border of about 4 thousand kilometers with Bangladesh and its border meets the border of 5 states of India. In such a situation, the increasing presence of China here can become a cause of concern for India. Because China has already created many problems by its interference on the Kashmir border.

Friendship with Bangladesh can also prove to be strategically beneficial for China. It will try to put pressure on India by bringing Bangladesh to its side in any way. Earlier, China has also tried to do the same with Sri Lanka. China's eagerness can also be gauged from the fact that when PM Sheikh Hasina landed in Beijing, she was welcomed with a red carpet and Chinese Prime Minister Li Qiang himself came to receive her.

Xi raised the Rohingya issue

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Hasan Mehmood said that Xi also raised the Rohingya issue during the meeting and agreed to solve it together at the international level. Xi told Hasina, "I know that you have given shelter to lakhs of Rohingyas displaced from Myanmar. This is an important issue for you, we will try our best to help you solve it." Mahmood said that Xi has assured that China will hold talks with the Myanmar government and even the Arakan Army if needed to resolve the Rohingya crisis.

Let us tell you that Myanmar is currently in the grip of civil war, where conflict is going on between the Myanmar Army and the Arakan Army, a military group of Rakhine region. The Arakan Army has occupied many areas of Myanmar and they want to take autonomy in the central government of Myanmar.

Who are the Rohingyas who are also a big issue for India?

In August 2017, the army led by former Myanmar counselor Aung San Suu Kyi launched a military operation against the Rohingya community. Which the United Nations has named 'ethnic cleansing' in its report. Due to the offensive campaign of the Myanmar army, lakhs of Rohingyas had to leave everything and flee the country by sea or on foot. According to a report, today about 5 lakh Rohingyas have left their homes and are living in temporary camps in Bangladesh, India and other countries. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has described the Rohingyas as one of the most persecuted and discriminated communities in the world.

India shares a 1600-km border with Myanmar and the impact of the instability there is also seen in India. If China and Bangladesh try to solve the Rohingya issue together, then it will prove good for India as well. Because after the Rohingya massacre of 2017, thousands of Rohingya citizens have also taken refuge in India. There has been talk of expelling them from India from political platforms. Those opposing the granting of asylum to the Rohingya community in India consider the 'tortured Rohingyas' a threat to India's security and advocate sending them back.

What is the stand of the Supreme Court?

Hearing a petition filed against the Manipur government's decision to send back Rohingya refugees in March 2024, the Supreme Court had made it clear that protection of the lives of refugees is a constitutional right. They are protected under the non-refoulement policy, according to which no refugee can be sent back to the place from where he has fled due to fear of physical or sexual harassment.

The Rohingya community includes not only Muslims but also Hindus who have fled from Myanmar. But Myanmar has also been excluded from the CAA brought by the central government. While there is a provision to grant Indian citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

In which areas were the agreements made?

Xi has promised PM Hasina that China will provide financial support to Bangladesh which will include three types of financial grants along with interest-free loans. The MOUs signed by the two countries include investment in digital economy, banking and insurance, export of fresh mangoes from Bangladesh to China, infrastructure, green and low carbon development and scientific information for development during floods.

Apart from this, the two leaders also discussed many issues related to Asia and the world and agreed to try to solve them through mutual cooperation.