Mumbai News / Burqa controversy in Mumbai after Karnataka, no entry of Muslim girl students in college

Zoom News : Aug 03, 2023, 08:27 AM
Mumbai News: The tussle continues over Muslim students wearing burqas. After Karnataka, now a case has come to the fore from Chembur in Central Mumbai. When some students reached the college wearing a burqa, the security guard refused to give them entry. It has to be said that the uniform policy has changed in junior college. All the students were also informed about this. When the entry was not given, the girl students started protesting outside the college itself. One said that she attends classes only after removing her burqa.

The matter is of Wednesday. Women students and their families protested outside the college for not being given entry in Burqa. Police also reached the spot. After talking to the college administration, the students were given entry. The college administration says that a parent-teacher meeting was called on May 1. Everyone was told about the new uniform policy in the meeting. Under the new policy, girl students can neither keep a scarf nor wear a burqa.

Efforts to bring equality among students with the new policy

In the new uniform policy, students have also been stopped from using tie and any kind of sticker. The college administration says that the new policy is an attempt to bring equality among students irrespective of their financial condition, caste, religion and social status. Students were constantly being told about this. The new policy has come into effect from 1 August. The security guard was also informed about this. This is the reason why the security guard stopped him at the college gate itself and did not give him entry.

Demand for common room of students

According to the women student college, there is no girls common room. In such a situation, they are in trouble. She comes from home to college wearing a burqa and then removes the burqa after entering the college. However, she wants to go to class wearing a hijab. In the new policy, it has been said not to wear burqa but it has not been clarified about hijab. The college administration said that relaxation has been given till August 8, but after that the students will have to follow the rules.