Manipur News / Center's big action in Manipur - Meitei extremist organization PLA including many banned for 5 years

Vikrant Shekhawat : Nov 13, 2023, 07:30 PM
Manipur News: Amidst the long-running tension in Manipur, the Union Home Ministry on Monday banned Meitei extremist organizations People's Liberation Army (PLA) and its political wing, Revolutionary People's Front (RPF), United National Liberation Front (UNLF) and its arm wing. Many including Manipur People's Army (MPA) have been declared illegal organizations and banned for a period of five years.

Manipur burst into flames of violence when people of Kuki and Meitei communities came face to face on 3 May. More than 150 people have died so far in the violence while hundreds have been injured. Due to violence, thousands of people are forced to migrate and live in other states. Along with this, thousands of people have been kept in relief camps.

PLA, UNLF, PREPAK, KCP, KYKL were declared banned by the Ministry of Home Affairs many years ago under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 (37 of 1967), after which the government took action and extended the ban for five years. Has been extended to.

Home Ministry told why it is necessary to ban?

In its notification, the Home Ministry has said that the Central Government is of the view that if Meitei extremist organizations are not immediately curbed, they may seek opportunities to mobilize their cadres to increase their separatist, subversive, terrorist and violent activities. .

May be involved in killings of civilians

These organizations can propagate anti-national activities of their malign forces and indulge in killings of civilians and target police and security forces personnel. The government has said that these organizations will purchase illegal arms and ammunition from across the international border. It was said in the notification that these organizations have also collected money from the public for illegal activities. In such a situation, it has become necessary to ban these Meitei extremist organizations.