Coronavirus / China claims not a single death due to coronavirus in last 4 days

Zoom News : Dec 26, 2022, 02:16 PM
Coronavirus Death in China: There is a wave of Kovid-19 in China and corona infection is increasing continuously. According to the latest figures, 1 lakh new patients of Corona virus (Covid-19 in China) are coming daily in China, but in the meantime there has been a big relief for China. China has claimed that not a single patient has died due to the epidemic in the country for the last four days.

The world does not trust China's claims

Even though China is claiming that only a few thousand Coronavirus New Cases in China are coming to the fore daily and there has been no death in the last 4 days, but the world is not convinced. It is being claimed in many reports that Corona is not giving the correct figures of Covid-19 and if the world trusts this lie of China again, then it will be impossible to escape.

Use of containers to transport dead bodies

There are continuous reports of Kovid-19 death in many cities including Beijing, the capital of China, but the Chinese government is not ready to accept it. The number of people who died of corona virus in China can be gauged from the fact that the Chinese government is now using containers to transport dead bodies. The situation is so bad that it is not known when the bodies kept in the containers will be cremated.

no leave for hospital staff

The cases of corona virus are increasing continuously in China and in the meantime many reports have come out, claiming that China has failed to control the infection. After increasing the pace of corona infection, China is not giving leave to its hospital staff and has been asked to work even if they are sick.

3 times more cases than last year

China is currently facing such a wave of Coronavirus in China, which no country in the world has seen. It is being told that 3 times more cases are being reported as compared to last year and these cases may also increase in the coming days. But China has decided to throw dust in the eyes of the world and is claiming that Covid is under control in its country.