World / China gave Atom Bomb design to pakistan, says Pakistan Scientist Pervez Hoodbho

Zoom News : Feb 21, 2023, 10:47 AM
Pakistan Atom Bomb: A nuclear scientist there has made a shocking disclosure regarding the nuclear program of Pakistan going through an economic crisis. Along with this, the name of China has also been taken. Professor Parvez Hoodbhoy has told that the design of the atomic bomb made by Pakistan came from China. Parvez Hudaboy has disclosed this in an interview given to Pakistan's journalist Ahsan Bilal Bajwa and told that the making of nuclear bomb from China's design was revealed when America caught a ship of Pakistan and during that time in the boat The design of the bomb was present.

China had tested this design in 1962

Pakistani nuclear scientist Pervez Hoodbhoy said, 'China had tested this design in the year 1962. I can say this with a claim, because in 2003 America caught a sea ship, which had parts of centrifuges. Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear program, tried to send it from Malaysia to Libya, but that ship was captured by America and the design of the atomic bomb was revealed.

Chinese language was written on the design

Pervez Hoodbhoy told, 'This is completely true, because the design recovered from the ship was written in Chinese. America also knows this thing and it can also tell this thing. The design was in a way a blue print of the atomic bomb and the parts of the bomb were shown in it. He further said, 'I came to know in the year 1995 itself that China was giving the design of the atomic bomb to Pakistan.'

Pakistan made nuclear bomb to compete with India

Let us tell you that Ayub Khan, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, was very worried about India's nuclear program and started his own nuclear program to compete with India. In the year 1965, Ayub Khan had said, 'If India makes a bomb, we will eat grass or leaves, we will sleep hungry too, but we will definitely make our own bomb. Apart from this, we have no other way. Pakistan got success in making the first nuclear bomb in the year 1998, which was led by Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan. According to the report, today there are about 165 nuclear bombs after Pakistan.