India-China Relation / China had become the choice of Indian medical students, which was snatched away by Corona; Now only this number is left

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 06, 2024, 10:00 AM
India-China Relation: China was among the major countries of choice for Indian medical students till Corona. But the 3-year ban on students in China due to Corona has now ended that interest. While before Corona, the number of Indian medical students in China was more than 23 thousand, now it has come down to 10. From this, the decreasing interest of Indian students in China can be estimated. The Indian Embassy in China has now held its first dialogue session with Indian students who suffered the most during the three-year Covid-19 period due to China's visa restrictions.

Nearly 80 old and new students from more than 13 Chinese universities attended the "Welcome and Dialogue Ceremony" held on May 4. Indian Ambassador to China Pradeep Kumar Rawat and Counselor Nitinjit Singh interacted with the students and heard their complaints and experiences during the session held on Saturday. Secretary (II) Amit Sharma gave a detailed presentation during the session on the various services offered by the Embassy, the Embassy said on social media platform 'X'. At the time of the outbreak of Corona virus in China in the beginning of 2020, more than 23 thousand Indian students were studying in Chinese universities, out of which most were medical students and at that time, the number of foreign students in Chinese universities was the highest after Pakistan.

Medical education is cheap in China

Currently, the number of Indian medical students across China has dropped to around 10,000. In India, one has to go through rigorous competitive examinations to get admission in government medical institutions, while private medical colleges charge exorbitant fees. Whereas in China, along with getting direct entry, medical education here is also many times cheaper than India, due to which Chinese universities had become the preferred destination for Indian students in the past. However, they have to appear for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination to gain permission to practice in India. (Language)