World News / China's most dangerous and modern aircraft carrier ready, satellite images revealed

Zoom News : Jun 08, 2022, 07:31 AM
China is building its most modern and dangerous aircraft carrier. This has been revealed from satellite photos. Which has been taken by Planet Labs PBC Satellite. The analysis of these photos has been done by the news agency The Associated Press. If defense experts are to be believed, then China can land this warship in the sea very soon.

According to the information, China is building a modern Type 003 aircraft carrier. which is nearing completion. It is being built at the Jiangnan Shipyard in the northeast near Shanghai since 2018. Satellite took its picture on 7 June 2022 only. The deck of the carrier is clearly visible in satellite images. Clouds are also coming in between the pictures.

Likely to be launched soon for trials at sea

Back equipment has been removed from aircraft carriers. The whole deck is looking dry. Preparations are underway to launch the vessel into the water. When the news agency AP asked the Defense Ministry of China about this, no reply was given from there. So far no announcement has been made about the launch of this warship. But according to the official newspaper Global Times, it can be landed in the sea soon.

It will take one and a half years to become operational... America's claim

The US Defense Ministry believes that even if China takes it into the sea, but this aircraft carrier will take one and a half years more to become fully operational. Because before that there will be a lot of sea trials. This aircraft carrier will be China's state-of-the-art aircraft carrier. The same technology will be installed on it which will be fully tested. Will be 100% perfect.

All China's fight is with the US Navy

This Chinese aircraft carrier is being considered part of the modernization of China's military. The purpose of China behind making this is to increase its threat in the Asian region. China has the largest navy in the world in terms of number of warships. However, in terms of capabilities, they are far behind the US Navy. But when it comes to the number of aircraft carriers, then the US Navy proves to be the number one powerful navy in the world.

It is not for China at the moment to cross America

The US has 11 nuclear fuel powered warships. Apart from this, the US Navy also has 9 amphibious assault ships. They also have attack helicopters and vertical takeoff fighter jets. China began work on a new aircraft career when it saw the US increasing its power in the Asian region and the Pacific Ocean.

China wants to occupy the Pacific and South China Sea

The sea areas around China are claimed by six countries. Strategically, this sea route is very important. Global trade of 5 trillion dollars takes place from here. This sea area is rich in oil and gas deposits. However, due to hunting and trade, the number of fish is rapidly decreasing. China claims this sea area. He says that all its islands and sources come under his control.

America puts an end to China's antics

American naval warships had reached the island made by China. He did a recce of the airstrip and other military bases present there. China says that America is infiltrating its territory. The US claims that it was doing military drills to keep the international trade route safe

China had built its naval military base in Djibouti

China has recently tried to increase its maritime power and territory. It has also started building its bases around the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. In the last decade, China has made its base in Djibouti, which is called the African Horn nation. Many countries including America and Japan have already made their military presence here.

China's new aircraft carrier is the second indigenous aircraft carrier after the Type 002. The Type 002 was recently released in sea trials. China has also repaired a Ukrainian warship built in Soviet times. Apart from this, China has made its fighter jet on the platform of Russian fighter jet Sukhoi-33.