Karnataka Politics / CM Siddaramaiah backtracks on hijab ban, says decision not taken back yet

Zoom News : Dec 23, 2023, 09:30 PM
Karnataka Politics: The issue of hijab has once again become heated in Karnataka. Political leaders of the state are divided among themselves on this issue. At the same time, CM Siddaramaiah has retracted his statement on Saturday. While talking to the media on Saturday, he made it clear that the order to ban hijab in the state has not been withdrawn yet. He said, “I had answered someone's question that we have thought about withdrawing the order banning hijab.” He said that the government will discuss this and take a decision.

On the other hand, Minister Ramalingareddy defended the CM's statement regarding withdrawal of hijab ban order. CM's stand is my stand, his stand is our stand. He has always said that we are behind CM Siddaramaiah.

In Davanagere, Minister SS Mallikarjuna said that he welcomes the statement of CM Siddaramaiah. There is something wrong in what the CM said. Their community has its own tradition. CM's statement regarding withdrawal of order ban on hijab is correct.

Owaisi welcomed CM's statement

Commenting on the CM's statement, Asaduddin Owaisi said that it has been more than 6 months since you came to power. What is there to “think” about whether Muslim girls should have the right to education or not? Thanks for clarifying that the ban on hijab is still being implemented by the “secular” Congress government. The Muslims who voted for you will be very happy.

Earlier, the state BJP has expressed its anger after CM Siddaramaiah's statement of withdrawing the ban on hijab in Karnataka. BJP has said that Siddaramaiah's guarantee is to sow the poisonous seeds of religion in the garden of peace among all castes.

State BJP had said that they have talked about withdrawing the ban on Hijab and uniform policy has been implemented to ensure equal education of children in schools and colleges. The Supreme Court has also upheld this. However, it is alleged that CM Siddaramaiah is creating differences in the minds of school students on the issue of uniform.

Karnataka politics heated up over hijab

He said that Siddaramaiah is going to amend the Constitution itself for vote bank to please PFI goons and minorities. He has warned that the public will teach him a lesson in the coming days.

Muslim students of PES College have welcomed the CM's statement of bringing back hijab in Mandya. There is a condition of wearing hijab in Islam. So we will have to wear it. That is our right. Restrictions were a problem in the past. We cannot go out without wearing hijab. Can't come to college. Thanks for allowing me again.