Business / Company started even at the age of 50 earns Rs 2 crore every year

Zoom News : Oct 08, 2021, 02:16 PM
You must have heard the saying 'where there is a will, there is a way'. When you have a strong will, success is sure to come, whether you are a child, young or old. Age cannot bind you. Two such moms are Nisha Gupta and Guddi Thapliyal, who have achieved success with their hard work, irrespective of their age. About three years ago, he started a business from his home and his business has grown to Rs 2 crore.

Started gift item business without any experience

Let us tell you that Nisha Gupta is a graduate woman and belongs to an entrepreneurial family. Nisha ji first sold household items and some gifts at her home run shop, from which she came to know how business is done. But Guddi Thapliyal ji has studied only till 5th class. When he started this business, he had no experience at all. Nisha ji's children work in the IT field, it was they who suggested them to do online business.

Online gifting platform named Geek Monkey

Guddi Thapliyal ji also wanted her and Nisha ji to do business together. Nisha ji also liked this suggestion and then both of them started preparing for the business. Then in the year 2017, he launched his own online gifting platform named Geek Monkey. But because there were already many platforms for gift items in the online market, it was a tough competition for them.

Now in such a situation, they had to think that how their gift shop is different from others, and how to attract customers towards these shop and like their gift items. Together these two moms have found a solution to this problem as well.

promotion of handicrafts

They put such gift items on their website which were different from other websites, put some special gift items like hand made gift items on their website, for which they engaged various handicraft artists. Gradually their business grew and today both of them have become very successful in this business.

According to, Guddi ji attributes her success to the personal interactions she has with her customers. Their website has different prices and different types of gifts for their customers. She also sells gifts ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 13,000 on her website. These two super business moms have taught everyone that success is not a matter of age.