Bigg Boss 16 / Contestant shiv thakare cozy pics with ex girlfriend veena jagtap

Zoom News : Nov 17, 2022, 07:34 PM
Shiv Thakare Viral Photos: At the very beginning of Bigg Boss 16, couples were seen forming in the house. First Soundarya-Gautam were arrested in love with each other and then Shalin and Tina's name got associated. But their love was always questioned at home. This fake love made for the cameras was always taunted, which included the name of Shiv Thakare (Shiv Thakare) in them who used to target these couples every time because of their love. But now in the pictures of Shiva that are going viral on social media, he himself is seen getting cozy with other contestants.

Big Boss Marathi pictures viral

Earlier Shiv has participated in Bigg Boss Marathi and has also been its winner. Now some pictures of the same show are going viral on social media. Which is being told of Shiv Thackeray only. If it is indeed Shiv Thackeray in these pictures, then he is seen very cozy with the female contestants. He is watching them closely, hugging. But do you know who is this Hasina, in whose love Shiva had become so crazy.

Closeness had increased with Veena Jagtapas

In these pictures, Veena Jagtap is seen with Shiv Thackeray, who was a contestant in Bigg Boss Marathi. In the show, both were giving heart to each other. That's why they were captured very close to each other in the show. Due to which both had come in a lot of discussion. However, in Bigg Boss 16, Shiva is seen completely opposite to these pictures. He is neither too close to any female contestant nor does he seem interested in falling in love.