Coronavirus / Corona infection rate declined for eight days number of patients decreased in hospitals

Zoom News : Aug 20, 2022, 10:27 PM
New Delhi : Amidst the threat of corona infection in the capital, a decline in the infection rate has been recorded in the last eight days. Due to the decrease in the infection rate from August 11 to August 19, the number of new infected is continuously decreasing as compared to the investigation of corona. However, on August 18, an increase was registered due to less investigation.

In Delhi, on August 11, about a fifth person who got tested was found to be corona infected, while on August 19, ie on Friday, every 13th person has been found infected. In the last 8 days, the infection rate has come down from 17.83 percent to 8.53 percent. On August 11, 12,036 people were tested and out of which 17.83 percent people were found infected, while on August 19, 7.53 percent samples were found infected in 18,829 tests.

Due to the lower infection rate in the capital Delhi, the number of active patients has also come down. On August 11, there were a total of 8840 active patients. On August 19, their number was reduced to 6146.

507 corona patients in hospitals

There are a total of 507 corona infected or suspected admitted in the hospitals of the capital. Of these, 177 are on ICU beds and 52 are on ventilator beds. 40 corona infected are being treated in Loknayak Hospital and 25 in GTB Hospital. According to the medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Suresh Kumar, now the number of corona patients coming to the hospital has come down. Most of the admitted patients are already suffering from other diseases.

Professor Jugal Kishore, Head of the Department of Safdarjung Hospital, said, 'Small and big peaks of Corona will keep coming. This time the new variant of the corona that was found spreads rapidly, so the cases also increase rapidly and also decrease very rapidly after the peak mango. The peak has gone out due to the continuous low infection rate in Delhi. The cases of corona will keep on increasing, so people should get used to it. However, people who are already sick will have to take some precautions.