COVID-19 Update / Corona's delta variant dangerous, double the risk of hospitalization: Study

Zoom News : Jun 15, 2021, 10:45 AM
The Delta variant of Corona virus is very infectious and dangerous. This variants are being considered responsible behind the devastation in India. Now in a new study of Scotland, it has been revealed that the risk of recruitment in the hospital has increased by Delta variants than before the variants spreading in Britain.

It has also been said in the study that both the vaccine doses give strong protection against this variant. It has been said in the study that initial evidence shows that the vaccine on Delta variants found in India is less effective than alpha variants. Alpha variant was first found in England's Kent.

After the issue of Delta variant, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has extended the Covid-19 restrictions for a few more days. Delta variants than alpha are very infectious.

This study has been done at 54 lakh people in Scotland, published in the Lanset Magazine. According to the study, there were community cases in 19,543, while 377 people had to be admitted to the hospital. Of this, 7,723 and 134 cases were made of delta variants.

Chris Robertson, Professor of Public Health Epidemiology in the University of Strathkly, said that apart from age and comorbidness, the risk of recruiting the hospital is almost double, but the vaccine reduces this danger.

Professor Roberton said, "If you come to positive in the Test, both the vaccine dose or a dose hospital taken in 28 days reduces 70% per cent.

Two weeks of the second dose, 79% has been effective on the Vaccine Delta Variant of Pfizer BioNetech, while it is up to 92% on alpha variants. At the same time, the vaccine of Oxford-Astrazena gives 60% protection against 73% and Delta variants.

Researchers have asked to take care of the vaccine data compared to the data of vaccine keeping it in mind, keeping the difference between the population, vaccine shot.

Researchers say that both the vaccine of vaccine gives better protection against a dose against Delta variants. He said that increasing lockdown in England will help people take the second doses and create immune response.