Corona Lockdown / Coronavirus havoc again Lockdown announced schools to close in China

Zoom News : Oct 27, 2021, 06:46 AM
Corona Lockdown | Coronavirus, which started from Wuhan, has once started spreading rapidly in China. Corona cases are increasing in many cities of China. In this sequence, a decision has been taken to impose a complete lockdown in Lanzhou city of China. Here people have been banned from leaving their homes.

lockdown in 3 cities

Earlier on October 20, lockdown was imposed in two northern regions of China. According to the National Health Commission of China, 9 people were found corona infected here on Monday, after which the lockdown was announced. Now six corona infected have been reported on Tuesday in Lanzhou, a city in the North-Western province of China, with a population of 4 lakhs. After the rising corona case, the administration announced a lockdown in the entire city.

schools to close

Where the world is being unlocked, China is once again being alert. Schools in China have started to be closed once again in view of the increasing corona infection. Along with this, many air flights have also been canceled. Meanwhile, the world is also alert about whether there is any difference between the cases being told by China and the real cases because last year also China kept trying to hide the reality for a long time.

Beijing Marathon postponed

Chinese authorities have also postponed the Beijing Marathon amid a surge in new coronavirus infections in the capital city. The country's top health official has warned that more cases of corona virus are expected to increase. In a report, it has been said that in the last 24 hours in China, more than 133 cases have been reported in 11 provinces and all those cases are related to the delta variant. The latest surge is believed to be the biggest outbreak in the country since Nanjing in August this year.